Hello everyone! This is Elena from Gaia Storm TCG and I couldn’t be more excited to be here once again in PoTown Store. Today we are going to be covering one of the most incredible and complete products you can get your hands on to start playing Pokémon TCG with the best results from day one: the new Single and Rapid Strike League Battle Decks.

No matter if you are a trainer that is going to start his or her Pokémon adventure or an experienced player that wants to come back without expending all your monthly salary on a new deck, Battle League Decks are the perfect way to do so. These products focus on offering players a very cheap way of obtaining powerful Pokémon and not only do they include many good staple cards (i.e. cards you run in all the decks in the format because of the consistency they provide) but also come with a ready-to-play 60 cards deck that has a lot of synergies. In the past, we have very cool products of this line like Arceus Palkia Dialga Tag Team & Zacian and Inteleon VMAX and it seems that 2021 is ending with two new contenders that are none other than the two Urshifu variants that have been dominating the metagame since their release: Rapid Strike Urshifu V and Single Strike Urshifu V.
As such, the objective of this series of articles is going to be to guide you in improving the content of these two pokemon online decks, taking them from a somehow “decent” stage to the most powerful version possible. We will also be looking at how to effectively play them with a dedicated youtube video so don’t forget to check PoTown Store’s Youtube channel to get the complete picture. Having said that, let’s get started and analyze the first of the decks: Rapid Strike Urshifu!.

Rapid Strike Urshifu Battle League Deck. What can you expect from the product?

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX

That is probably the first question you have in mind right now and it is a very reasonable one. Is it worth buying this? The answer is Yes! This product comes with a very consistent Rapid Strike Urshifu deckthat will already give you much better chances of competing than any of the other pre-constructed decks you can obtain right now. Just analyzing its content from a purely financial perspective, the value that it has if you add up the individual costs of every card is way higher than if you try to get each of them separately.
This is the list you will find inside the product:

The Decklist

Pokémon (17)

Trainers (30)

Energy (12)

2x Minccino SSH 1452x Escape Rope BST 1254x Rapid Strike Energy BST 140
2x Cinccino SSH 1471x Fan of Waves BST 1274x Fighting Energy EVO 96
1x Galarian Zigzagoon SSH 1172x Evolution Incense SSH 1634x Stone {F} Energy VIV 164
3x Falinks BST 832x Switch CES 147
2x Rapid Strike Urshifu V BST 872x Tower of Waters BST 138
2x Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 881x Ordinary Rod SSH 171
3x Remoraid BST 361x Pal Pad UPR 132
2x Octillery BST 371x Cheryl BST 123

4x Quick Ball SSH 179

1x Tool Scrapper RCL 168

2x Boss’s Orders SHF 58

3x Level Ball BST 129

1x Scoop Up Net RCL 165

3x Professor’s Research SSH 178

3x Marnie SSH 169

2x Korrina’s Focus BST 128


Rapid Strike Urshifu is the main star of the deck and all the cards that are here are focused on helping Urshifu deal massive amounts of damage turn after turn. It is very welcoming to see that just by purchasing this product you are already getting a solid 2-2 line of Urshifu, giving you immediate access to one of the most powerful V cards of the game. When it moves to the active spot from the bench, Urshifu is able to hit for 150 damage and if you discard 3 energies you can choose 2 Pokémon anywhere on the field and deal 120 to each of them. In fact, those two attacks alone are so powerful and require so little to function that has prompted Urshifu to be a very popular choice since it was first released in Battle Styles, more than 6 months ago.
There are two main evolution Pokémon that will help you continuously promote your Urshifu onto the active position and find the resources you need: Cinccino and Octillery. Cinccino offers you a very nice draw support every turn at the cost of discarding cards from your hand while Octillery will give you any card from the Rapid Strike archetype, providing you with a ton of outs no matter the situation you are in (remember that 50% of the cards you are running here are Rapid Strike ones!). Once you set up a couple of Cinccino and an Octillery on the field, it will be very easy to always access your resources.
But not only Pokémon are great, but the deck also comes with a very good list of staple cards that are important for every strategy like Quick and Level Ball or supporters like Boss Orders, Professors Research and Marnie. This is going to help you move your Urshifu around the field and deal damage to your opponent’s benched Pokémon.

Upgrading the Battle League Deck in a phased approach

Now that we know the contents, it is time for our next step: improving the decklist. I think it is always good to approach this in a gradual way so I am going to propose that you first reuse as much as you can while focusing on consistency and then move into a final and more rounded deck. I mean, this is Pokémon after all and everything is about continuous evolution, isn’t it?
With this in mind, these are the first round of changes we are going to be making:
  • +2 Urshifu V & +1 Urshifu VMAX: Urshifu is going to be our main and almost unique attacker so we need to maximize the odds of drawing into it in the early turns of the game and consistency setting up another once our first one falls down. Luckily for us, Urshifu has been reprinted in different products and should not be difficult to get.
  • +2 Moltres V: We need a secondary attacker that can also cover Urshifu's psychic weakness and there is no better partner than Moltres V from Chilling Reign. Moltres has an amazing ability that allows you to accelerate energies from the discard pile, which means it can be used in many different situations, and it also happens to hit Psychic Pokémon like Mew VMAX or Calyrex VMAX for weakness which is going to play in our favor when going against these type of strategies. Last but not least, it provides a very consistent out against things that can’t be damaged by your VMAX Ushifu like Zamazenta V from Sword and shield.
  • +1 Minccino + 1 Cinccino: Again, we are trying to focus on consistency here so having extra copies of this Pokémon is going to be great to set up quickly. Not to mention that Cinccino can let you discard darkness-type energies which you can then bring back with Moltres’ V ability.
  • +1 Level Ball: More consistency for the first turns to find your Remoraid and Minccino.
  • +1 Evolution Incense: Again, this is just very good in order to find your Urshifu VMAX early in the game.
  • +1 Raihan: This is an amazing supporter in this deck since it can power up an attacker out of the blue and allow you to use G-MAX rapid flow to close the game.
  • +4 Darkness Energy: As explained above, we will need Darkness energies to attack with our Moltres V.

  • -1 Remoraid: Running a 2-2 line is already consistent enough.
  • -1 Zigzagoon: While putting additional damage counters is great, it is not really going to make a difference so it is fine to leave this darkness friend out,
  • -3 Falinks: It has a very low HP and will not make any significant difference. You will always want to attack with either Moltres or Urshifu.
  • -1 Ordinary Rod: This deck really does not need to recycle much so Rod is not mandatory.
  • -1 Escape Rope: 3 Switch and 1 Escape Rope is more than enough to make sure you always have the Pokémon you need in the active position.
  • -4 Stone Energy: No need to run those if we are running Moltres V as its use will be very limited.
  • -3 Fighting Energy: Urshifu doesn’t need much energy to attack so we can certainly reduce the amount we run.

So, in the end, this is how the final updated deck (Budget version) would end up looking like:

Urshifu V/ Cinccino & Octillery


Pokémon (19)

Trainers (32)

Energy (9)

3x Minccino SHF 1661x Escape Rope BST 1254x Rapid Strike Energy BST 140
3x Cinccino SHF 1671x Fan of Waves BST 1274x Darkness Energy EVO 97
2x Galarian Moltres V CRE 1763x Evolution Incense SSH 1631x Fighting Energy EVO 96
4x Rapid Strike Urshifu V BST 1532x Switch CES 147
3x Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 1701x Pal Pad SSH 172
2x Remoraid BST 362x Tower of Waters BST 138
2x Octillery BST 1781x Cheryl BST 123

4x Quick Ball SSH 179

1x Tool Scrapper RCL 168

2x Boss's Orders SHF 58

4x Level Ball BST 129

1x Scoop Up Net RCL 165

3x Professor's Research SSH 178

3x Marnie SSH 169

2x Korrina's Focus BST 128

1x Raihan EVS 152

However, this is not set in stone. Other cards you might want to consider adding to the decklist are the following:
  • Snorlax VIV: This Pokémon got really popular at the beginning of the Battle Styles format as it was the perfect way to set up in the first turn thanks to its ability. In fact, some traditional Cinccino builds abused Snorlax during months.
  • Air Balloon: If you don’t want to always rely on trainer cards like Switch or Escape Rope, Air Balloon is the perfect tool that provides you with permanent free retreat costs.
  • Phoebe BST: If you face a Zamazenta or even something like Decidueye from Sword and Shield you might have a difficult time attacking over it so Phoebe ensures that no matter what, your attack is always going to land.
  • Capture Energy: This could be an interesting option to quickly set up during the first turns of the game but it has the downside of being colorless energy so it won’t be as useful as basic energy.
  • Bird Keeper: A very good and flexible supporter that not only allows you to have a different switching option but also gives you cards in the process.
  • Crobat V: Crobat is THE support Pokémon of the game right now. Searchable via QuickBall, it lets you draw until you have six cards, which is sometimes exactly what you need to get out of a difficult situation.

Looking forward

From here, the options are almost endless but probably one of the things you are going to want to do as soon as possible is to swap your Cinccino line for Inteleon (4 CRE Sobble, 4 SWSH Drizzile, 2 CRE Inteleon, and 1 SWSH Inteleon). Inteleon has proved to be one of the most consistent engines of the format that supports a very high number of pokemon online decks: Suicune Ludicolo, Jolteon VMAX, Leafeon VMAX, Dragapult VMAX… It is no exception with Rapid Strike as every single member of this water line is a fantastic addition to the deck. While it is true that Cinccino provides draw power, Inteleon just gives you exactly what you need so there is no luck involved.
In addition to this, the fact that Rapid Strike Urshifu requires so little to work (basically special rapid strike energy or single fighting energy) means that you can combine it in multiple ways and that includes a myriad of other elemental typings. Apart from Moltres V (which will always be my top pick), there are some different attackers you might want to consider running alongside. Of course, it is all about testing the different variants and seeing which one you are more comfortable with:
  • Medicham V (Battle Styles): When released, this was hyped as one of the most broken cards in the Sword and Shield era but the lack of low HP Pokémon in the metagame has made Medicham disappear from the competitive tables. However, if you have one copy and like it, it is still an inclusion you can consider for the deck.
  • Zeraora V (Chilling Reign): Zeraora actually has more potential than most people give it credit for. When one of your other Rapid Strike Pokémon have attacked in the previous turn, Zeraora can deal 100 + 100 to another Pokémon on the field and that is just a lot of pressure for your opponent. The last format there were some specific builds that ran lightning-type energies and Zeraora to abuse the damage spread.
  • Vaporeon VMAX (Evolving Skies): Some months ago, a very interesting build that focused on Urshifu with water energies and Melony as an engine saw a lot of popularity and Vaporeon VMAX was also part of it. Vaporeon is able to deal a lot of damage when your opponent Pokémon has at least a damage counter on it, something that can be easily achieved with Zigzagoon for example.
  • Inteleon VMAX (Fusion Strike): Since Inteleon VMAX only requires special Rapid Strike energy to attack, it is very easy to fit in a Rapid Strike Inteleon engine. It provides yet another typing in the deck and is a fantastic target to use the recovery that Cheryl provides.

Here are a couple of different tournament-ready Urshifu decks if you want to test them, each of them with its own unique strategy and approach:

Rapid Strike Urshifu w/ Moltres and Inteleon

Galarian Moltres VInteleon

The more standard version. Focuses on dealing continuous damage with Urshifu VMAX and Moltres V is here to save the match up against psychic type decks.

Pokémon (22)

Trainers (28)

Energy (10)

4x Rapid Strike Urshifu V BST 874x Professor's Research CEL 234x Rapid Strike Energy BST 140
3x Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 882x Marnie CPA 564x Darkness Energy 7
4x Sobble CRE 411x Boss's Orders SHF 582x Fighting Energy 6
4x Drizzile SSH 561x Raihan EVS 152
2x Inteleon CRE 434x Quick Ball FST 237
1x Inteleon SSH 583x Evolution Incense SSH 163
2x Galarian Moltres V CRE 974x Level Ball BST 129
1x Crobat V SHF 441x Energy Switch SSH 162
1x Passimian CRE 881x Escape Rope BST 125

1x Fan of Waves BST 127

2x Energy Search SSH 161

1x Telescopic Sight VIV 160

1x Air Balloon SSH 156

2x Tower of Waters BST 138


Melony Rapid Strike Urshifu


This is a much more turbo version that aims to be constantly using the second attack of Urshifu to put a lot of pressure on your opponent and take down any Pokémon before they even become a menace.

Pokémon (26)

Trainers (27)

Energy (7)

4x Rapid Strike Urshifu V BST 874x Melony CRE 1464x Rapid Strike Energy BST 140
3x Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 882x Professor's Research CEL 233x Water Energy 3
4x Sobble CRE 411x Marnie CPA 56
4x Drizzile SSH 564x Evolution Incense SSH 163
2x Inteleon CRE 434x Quick Ball SSH 179
1x Inteleon SSH 584x Level Ball BST 129
2x Remoraid BST 363x Escape Rope BST 125
2x Octillery BST 372x Capacious Bucket RCL 156
1x Vaporeon V PR-SWSH 1501x Echoing Horn CRE 136
1x Vaporeon VMAX EVS 301x Telescopic Sight VIV 160
1x Crobat V SHF 441x Tower of Waters BST 138
1x Passimian CRE 88


Rapid Strike Urshifu Zeraora

Zeraora V

This is a bit more of a rogue deck, especially if we consider that Water is no longer that popular but it can still catch your opponents off-guard.

Pokémon (21)

Trainers (30)

Energy (9)

4x Sobble CRE 413x Raihan EVS 1524x Lightning Energy 4
4x Drizzile SSH 563x Professor's Research SHF 604x Rapid Strike Energy BST 140
2x Inteleon CRE 432x Boss's Orders SHF 581x Fighting Energy
1x Inteleon SSH 582x Marnie CPA 56
3x Zeraora V CRE 534x Evolution Incense SSH 163
2x Rapid Strike Urshifu V BST 874x Quick Ball SSH 179
2x Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 884x Level Ball BST 129
1x Crobat V SHF 441x Escape Rope BST 125
1x Medicham V EVS 831x Energy Search SSH 161
1x Passimian CRE 881x Scoop Up Net RCL 165

1x Energy Switch SSH 162

1x Telescopic Sight VIV 160

1x Air Balloon SSH 156

2x Tower of Waters BST 138



League Battle Decks are a fantastic way of entering in the Pokémon TCG world as they provide you with a very good product you can use right from the start and Rapid Strike Urshifu is precisely one of the best examples of this. With just a few tweaks, you can then take your Rapid Strike Strategy to the next level and start competing on a budget while you familiarize yourself with the game and its mechanics. Once you are ready, you can then get a few more packs and build a final tournament-ready deck in the way that you like the most.
I really hope you have enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it. I strongly encourage you to check the complementary video we have posted on PoTown Store Youtube Channel so you can have a better understanding of how the changes suggested here work in real life. And don’t forget that you can get the Rapid Strike Urshifu Battle League deck as well as packs to improve it here at PoTown Store at the best price. Thanks for reading!

About the writer

Elena has been playing Pokémon TCG for years and leads one of the biggest TCG-dedicated channels in the world. You can find her on Youtube & Twitch (@gaiastormtcg) as well as in other social media channels. Don’t forget to check them out!