Yo mates! It's ZapdosTCG here and welcomes to another blog post on PoTown Store. Today we are going over the TOP 5 Best Decks to play right now in the Fusion Strike meta! You will get the decklists, insight on why these decks perform good and matchup information! Remember to grab all the PTCGO codes you need from PoTown Store and let's get this show started!

1. Mew VMAX

Okay as expected, Mew VMAX is my number one choice, and for good reason. Mew VMAX is the best deck in the format, there's just no denying that. People play this card because of its insane draw power with Genesect V. You can use those abilities every turn to draw your hand back up. People play this with Battle VIP pass to get an army of these Genesect Vs, as early as turn 1. And with Cram-o-matic you also maximize the chance of starting with some Battle VIP passes.


Mew VMAX is also a low-maintenance attacker which can slap 210 damage for only 2 energies by copying an attack from a Fusion Strike Pokémon on the bench. There are attacks you can copy from Meloetta, Genesect V, Latias, and Mew V. This makes Mew VMAX very versatile. It can swing itself back in the deck with Psychic Leap, it can smack 210 damage with Techno Blast, become invincible with Dynabarier or go for a power spike turn with Melodious Echo. This in combination with Power Tablet for more damage output and Elesa's Sparkle for energy acceleration, makes this the strongest deck in the format.

Your only weakness is of course Dark focussed decks like Gengar VMAX, Umbreon VMAX, and the Galarian Moltres V. But other than that, this deck is unstoppable!

The Decklist

Pokémon (12)

Trainers (42)

Energy (6)

4x Mew V FST 1134x Boss's Orders SHF 584x Fusion Strike Energy FST 244
3x Mew VMAX FST 1143x Elesa’s Sparkle FST 2334x Psychic Energy 5
4x Genesect V FST 1854x Power Tablet FST 236
1x Meloetta FST 1244x Quick Ball FST 237

4x Great Ball CPA 52

4x Fog Crystal CRE 140

4x Battle VIP Pass FST 225

4x Cram-o-matic FST 229

3x Rotom Phone CPA 64

2x Switch SSH 183

1x Escape Rope BST 125

1x Tool Jammer BST 136

1x Vitality Band SSH 185

1x Training Court RCL 169

1x Old Cemetery CRE 147

1x Rose Tower DAA 169

Mew vmax decklist

2. Single Strike Box

Coming second is Single Strike decks. These decks are very good because of the typing they have. Umbreon VMAX can gust Pokémon with the Dark Signal ability which is very scary for players going second because the Pokémon that they just set up could get knocked out.

Single Strike Urshifu VMAXUmbreon VMAX

The deck also has Single Strike Urshifu VMAX which can hit through anything and can OHKO all VMAX Pokémon out there. The fighting part of this deck helps a ton against Jolteon VMAX and Eternatus VMAX. And of course, Umbreon VMAX can destroy Mew VMAX, Dragapult VMAX, and Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX.

Typing-wise and with the raw power it provides, you would think this should be the best deck, right? Well, not quite, because the deck sometimes has consistency issues. You need a couple of Houndoom on the field and rely on Single Strike Roar to get energies in play. These Single Strike Energies allow you to smack 20 more damage, which helps a ton with numbers. We go for an early game Battle VIP pass here as well, to get the little Houndour into play. And with the help of Tower of Darkness, we have extra draw power to make this happen.

Because you are completely relying on Special Energies, you might get teched out by a Beedril or Dusknoir but with the high amount of Marnie, you might prevent these nasty strategies. The good news is that you have a good matchup spread across the board and can win against the most pokemon online decks. The matchup you don't like facing is Leafeon VMAX.

The Decklist

Pokémon (18)

Trainers (34)

Energy (8)

4x Houndour BST 954x Professor's Research CEL 234x Capture Energy RCL 171
4x Houndoom BST 963x Marnie CPA 564x Single Strike Energy BST 141
3x Umbreon V EVS 942x Boss's Orders SHF 58
2x Umbreon VMAX EVS 954x Evolution Incense SSH 163
3x Single Strike Urshifu V BST 854x Quick Ball FST 237
1x Single Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 864x Battle VIP Pass FST 225
1x Crobat V SHF 444x Urn of Vitality BST 139

2x Switch SSH 183

1x Tool Scrapper RCL 168

1x Single Strike Scroll of Scorn BST 133

4x Tower of Darkness BST 137

Single Strike Box Decklist

3. Suicune V Ludicolo

Oh yeah, it's time to talk about one of my favorite decks right now: Suicune V Ludicolo. This deck is super consistent. The attacker Suicune V doesn't require you to evolve first to slap huge damage. Its Fleet-Footed ability allows you to draw a card. And because it runs an Inteleon engine you can search for every Trainer card you want with Shady Dealings.

Suicune VLudicolo

Suicune V caps at 220 damage with its attack but if you manage to get a Ludicolo into play that turns into 320 damage. Pair that with some Quick Shootings from Inteleon and an OHKO is definitely possible with Suicune V.

Cape of Toughness also makes Suicune V more likely to survive an attack and because most decks rely on VMAX Pokémon, you can up trade quite nicely.

Our main way of getting energies into play is with Melony, which also lets us draw cards. Nothing bad I can say about this deck. It just works and the only real bad matchup is of course the Jolteon VMAX deck.

The Decklist

Pokémon (19)

Trainers (32)

Energy (9)

4x Sobble CRE 413x Melony CRE 1465x Water Energy 3
4x Drizzile SSH 562x Boss's Orders SHF 584x Capture Energy RCL 171
2x Inteleon CRE 432x Marnie CPA 56
1x Inteleon SSH 581x Professor's Research CEL 23
4x Suicune V EVS 311x Raihan EVS 152
2x Lotad EVS 324x Evolution Incense SSH 163
2x Ludicolo EVS 344x Level Ball BST 129

3x Quick Ball FST 237

3x Rare Candy SSH 180

2x Scoop Up Net RCL 165

2x Capacious Bucket RCL 156

1x Escape Rope BST 125

1x Fan of Waves BST 127

1x Echoing Horn CRE 136

2x Cape of Toughness DAA 160

Uicune V Ludicolo decklist

4. Jolteon VMAX

Jolteon VMAX is one of those decks that has an easy game plan. Doing 100 damage to 2 targets every single turn with one energy (because you rely on Elemental Badge). Only needing 1 energy to attack also allows you to use Cheryl to heal off all damage and un-do a turn of the opponent.

Jolteon VMAX

The format is filled with weak HP Pokémon to hunt down, think about Sobble, Houndour, Lotad, etc. These are easy prize cards that can help you win the game. People really rely on their Drizzile and Houndoom in their respective decks, and if you get rid of those, you'll be golden.

Against Mew VMAX, you can also hunt down 3 Genesect Vs and shut off their abilities with Path to the Peak. Your worst matchups are the fighting decks like Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX and Single Strike Urshifu VMAX.

Optional tech cards to win against those matchups:
  • Some grass Energies, Beedrill and Single Strike Mustard
  • Peonia, Dream Ball and Dusknoir

  • The Decklist

    Pokémon (20)

    Trainers (32)

    Energy (8)

    4x Jolteon V PR-SWSH 1832x Cheryl BST 1234x Lightning Energy 4
    3x Jolteon VMAX EVS 512x Boss's Orders SHF 584x Speed Lightning Energy RCL 173
    4x Sobble CRE 413x Marnie CPA 56
    4x Drizzile SSH 564x Evolution Incense SSH 163
    2x Inteleon CRE 434x Quick Ball FST 237
    1x Inteleon SSH 582x Professor's Research CEL 23
    2x Galarian Zigzagoon SSH 1174x Level Ball BST 129

    3x Scoop Up Net RCL 165

    1x Energy Search SSH 161

    1x Tool Scrapper RCL 168

    3x Elemental Badge EVS 147

    3x Path to the Peak CRE 148

    Jolteon VMAX decklist

    5. Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX / Galarian Moltres V

    Another deck that I'm really a fan of and have tested a lot is Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX with Galarian Moltres V. I've been playing this deck ever since Evolving Skies to cover Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX's weakness to Psychic by having a Dark-type attacker in the list. Now with the popularity of Mew VMAX, it's even better.
    With this list, you cover a lot of popular weaknesses like the Single Strike Box, but here you have more versatility because you can snipe stuff on the bench with G-MAX Rapid Flow.

    Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAXGalarian Moltres V

    Galarian Moltres V has the DireFlame Wings ability, allowing it to accelerate a Darkness Energy from the discard pile to it (once per turn). This means you can get this off in one turn with the Raihan supporter card. Ability + Raihan + Attach of the turn. This could leave the Mew VMAX players crippled and you winning the prize race. Another thing that this ability allows you to do, is go for back-to-back G-MAX Rapid Flows. We know we have to discard all energies after using that attack with Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX. But with DireFlame Wings + Energy Switch and Rapid Strike Energy attachment, we can go for G-MAX Rapid Flow again. This doesn't happen in every game but when it does, it's insanely strong.

    The list also runs Passimian and Telescopic Sight which means the G-MAX Rapid Flow can also hit for 180 damage on benched Pokémon V. Pair that with a Quick Shooting Inteleon and 2 Genesect V's could go down. Super solid list and can technically win against everything, but most of the time battles itself to get all the moving combo pieces out of the deck, at the correct time.

    The Decklist

    Pokémon (22)

    Trainers (28)

    Energy (10)

    4x Sobble CRE 414x Professor's Research CEL 235x Darkness Energy 7
    4x Drizzile SSH 563x Raihan EVS 1524x Rapid Strike Energy BST 140
    2x Inteleon CRE 432x Marnie CPA 561x Fighting Energy 6
    1x Inteleon SSH 581x Boss's Orders SHF 58
    4x Rapid Strike Urshifu V BST 874x Quick Ball FST 237
    4x Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 884x Level Ball BST 129
    2x Galarian Moltres V CRE 973x Evolution Incense SSH 163
    1x Crobat V SHF 443x Energy Switch SSH 162
    1x Passimian CRE 881x Escape Rope BST 125

    1x Energy Search SSH 161

    1x Air Balloon SSH 156

    1x Telescopic Sight VIV 160

    1x Tower of Waters BST 138

    Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX decklist


    And that's it, these are my personal Top 5 Best decks in the format right now in the Fusion Strike meta! Definitely pick up some of these decks by trading the cards you need with the Fusion Strike PTCGO codes you can get at PoTown Store and improve your game! They all have huge potential and can win a tournament. If you want to see these decks in action with some gameplay, hop over to my channel: www.youtube.com/ZapdosTCG Thanks for reading another blog post, I'll see you all in the next one!