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The PoTown Store

Hello! Welcome all to the PoTown Store! What we are is an online company that sells Pokemon TCG Live products at a fair and reasonable price. We strive to distribute exactly what you need for the popular online game as fast and efficient as possible anytime, anywhere during the day. We have all the PTCGL products all here in one website so you can spend less time searching for what you need. We offer not only amazing Pokemon TCG Live products, but as well as an established blog page that is free to access. The blog page is there to keep all Pokemon TCG fans updated with recent tournament successes, Pokemon TCG news, and well written articles.

Want to Know More?

If you ever need any additional information, feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere. We want to give you fast and reliable customer service anytime you have a question, or an issue with the site. We are here for you whenever you need us, and we will try to reply within max 24 hours, but most of the time within 15 minutes. We want to make sure you have a positive experience with our site, and find everything you are looking for when it comes to Pokemon TCG Live products.

How to move around our website:

The main categories on our site where you’ll find what you are looking for include: S&M Codes, XY Codes, Deck Codes, GX & EX Codes, B&W Codes, Deck Box & Sleeves, League Codes, and Bulk Codes. We also have Gift Cards for our site where you can purchase a balance for someone to spend on our website! These categories are sorted to help you find specifically what you are looking for when coming to our site. Just simply click on the selected categories where the item you are searching for closely relates to, and you’ll find it there if we sell it here on the Po Town Store.

Need to contact us?

We’d love to help out anyone who needs help, or has any questions here related to our website. You can contact us via the “ Contact Form” here on our website. Simply click HERE and it will take you to the contact form right here on our website. Please give us some details such as your name and email address so it is easier for us to get back to you faster.

We hope you find everything you need here on the PoTown Store and have a positive experience. Thank you for your time and have a great time with the Pokemon TCG Live!