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Vivid Voltage Pre Release Promo Box - PTCGO Code
Vivid Voltage Pre Release Promo Box - PTCGO Code

Vivid Voltage Pre Release Promo Box - PTCGO Code

Your Price: $2.49
Availability: 59 In Stock.
Feature: 2050
Feature: YPD-YK7N-Y6P-KHN
Note: The codes are redeemable in PTCGO or TCG Live. In TCG Live you may get different cards or a different number of cards.
You'll receive the PTCGO codes via E-mail instantly after purchase.
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Vivid Voltage Prerelease Kit PTCGO Code

Vivid Voltage has some astounding stamped promo cards in this pre-release code including some of the best one prizers in the set, Snorlax and Charizard. Snorlax has the tropical beach effect that allows you to draw up until you have 7 cards in your hand with Snorlax having to be in the active spot and ending your turn after the draw effect. The Charizard is a Stage 2 hard-hitting attacker with it’s Royal Blaze attack doing 100+50 for each “Leon” in the discard pile, but also has a great ability. It’s ability “ Battle Sense ” allows you to look at the top 3 cards of your deck, keep one, and discard the rest. Both of those promo codes will be highly valued in the standard format. The other promo cards in the kit are the beautiful Lugia, Donphan, and Galarian Obstagoon which all have their unique traits and amazing alternative artworks with the Vivid Voltage stamp. Pick up your pre-release codes today to get access to these amazing cards on the Pokemon TCG Online automatically emailed to you after confirmation of purchase!

With Sword & Shield Vivid Voltage Prerelease Promo Code you get the following Pokemon Cards in the Online PTCGO Game ~

  • 1 of the 4 Promo's with signature Vivid Voltage stamp
  • Several other Pokemon cards
Note : This code does not include any PTCGO Booster Packs

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