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Pokemon GO Reward Code
Pokemon GO Reward Code

Pokemon GO Reward Code

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Pokemon GO Reward Code

It is time to celebrate with the cross promotion between the hit mobile Pokemon GO game and popular Pokemon TCG game with exclusive codes. These codes can contain a variety of different things available in game, but here are some of the things they can contain:

  • Nanab Berries 
  • Hyper Potions 
  • Razz Berries 
  • Revives 
  • Super Potions 
  • Pinap Berries 
  • Golden Razz Berries 
  • Charged TMs 
  • Silver Pinap Berries 
  • Fast TMs 
  • Rare Candies 
  • Egg Incubators 
  • In-Game Apparel 
These codes can be used to decorate your Pokemon GO character in game and help you with other in-game actions. What are you waiting for? Pick up some Pokemon GO mobile game codes today! 

To Redeem Codes Online: 
1) Visit https://rewards.nianticlabs.com/pokemongo/signin 
2) Login with your Pokemon GO Account credentials 
3) Enter in your Pokemon GO Code 
4) Once you successfully redeem your Pokemon GO Code, you will receive confirmation 

To Redeem Codes In-App (Android only) 
1) In the Map View, tap the Main Menu Pokeball button 
2) Tap the Shop button 
3) Enter the Pokemon GO code in the text field 
4) Tap Redeem Code redemption for iOS users with Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) accounts is currently unavailable. Users with Android devices can redeem offers via the in-game shop. 

Codes must be redeemed before July 1, 2023, at 11:59 PM Pacific. There is only one redemption per code. If you need further help to redeem your codes, please visit nianticlabs.com/tcg-code.