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Decidueye Promo - PTCGO Code
Decidueye Promo - PTCGO Code

Decidueye Promo - PTCGO Code

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Feature: XRB-6YP7-6PD-X6W
Note: The codes are redeemable in PTCGO or PTCGL. In TCG Live you may get different cards or a different number of cards.
You'll receive the PTCGL or PTCGO via E-mail instantly after purchase.
Sometimes e-mail with Pokemon Codes is delivered into spam or promotions folder!
If you have any issues with Pokemon Codes, please contact us at: [email protected]
The PTCG Live game limits the number of codes that can be redeemed per account. There's a 4 code limit you can redeem. Any additional codes you redeem give you Crystals. 

We suggest that you keep track of the number of codes you have already redeemed before purchasing additional ones. 
You can only redeem 10 codes at a time before having to click the redeem button. Be wary of how many codes you input at once or you can get an error.

Decidueye - - HP 140
Type: Stage 2
Leaf Blade : 30+

Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 30 more damage.

Brave Bird : 120

This Pokémon does 20 damage to itself.

Weakness: x2
Resistance: None
Retreat Cost:

With Decidueye Code you get the following Pokemon Cards in the Online PTCGO Game

  • Decidueye SM55
  • Green Rainbow Shaymin Coin

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