Yo mates! Welcome to another blog post on PoTown Store. I'm ZapdosTCG, and together we'll explore the updated Zacian V deck with the new Mew from Celebrations, which makes the deck super consistent! If you’re missing any cards to build the ZAcian V deck or any other deck, feel free to pick up some PTCGL codes right here at the PoTown store. That's being said, now let's take a closer look into the Zacian V deck!

About the deck

Well, we already know Zacian V is a strong card. It comes packed with one of the most busted abilities in the game: Intrepid Sword. It allows you to draw three cards and end your turn. If you drew any metal energies, you could attach them to your Zacian V straight away. Now that brings a busted first turn with it because not only do you increase your hand size, you also have the capability of setting up our Zacian V quickly.

Zacian V

The attack Brave Blade slaps a solid 230 damage for only three energies, enough to OHKO 99% of the basic V Pokemon out there. And that is our goal here. If we go first, we go for Oranguru to put energy on top of the deck with Primate Wisdom. That way, we ensure that Intrepid Sword hits energy. A card like Rotom Phone also allows us to do that.

And now, with the help of the new Mew, we can use the wicked ability Mysterious Tail. This allows us to look at the top 6 cards of our deck if it's in the active position, and if we find an item card there, we can put it directly into our hand. This is very similar to the Jirachi from Team Up back in the day, which saw a crazy amount of success. Unlike Jirachi back then, we don't fall asleep. Which means we can simply retreat by Air Balloon. And if you have multiple Mew in play, you can keep using the ability as long as you have Switch or Scoop Up Net. This is ideal for digging for resources like Metal Saucer or PokéGear 3.0 to find supporter cards.


I really do love the inclusion of the Mew in the deck, as it gives us a lot of favorable starting Pokemon. Starting with Zacian V is always nice because of the capability of Intrepid Sword. Now with three copies of Mew, we have three more perfect starting Pokemon. If you begin with Mew, you can use Mysterious Tail to fetch out Quick Ball to find Zacian V on turn one and get off an Intrepid Sword. See where I'm going with this? Yup, consistency has always been key in the Pokemon TCG, which is why this deck is so successful.

On top of all that, the deck also has a nice feeling because it doesn't run VMAX Pokemon and still does feel tanky with the help of Cape of Toughness. This means we can uptrade on VMAX Pokemon or KO basic V Pokemon instantly with Brave Blade. Metal typing also has some benefits. First up, we hit weakness against Sylveon VMAX, Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX, and Alcremie VMAX, which are all quite popular.

Metal saucerCrystal Cave

Also, we can use Metal Saucer for energy acceleration and also can use the Crystal Cave to heal off 30 damage from all of our Metal types. This is fantastic if you're up against stuff like the popular Quick Shooting Inteleon (which seems to be in almost every deck right now). Those snipes become irrelevant that way, and Crystal Cave also bumps the Path to the Peak, which otherwise shuts down Intrepid Sword and the Dauntless Shield of Zamazenta V.

Zamazenta V

Dauntless Shield? Yeah, Zamazenta V is immune from damage from VMAX Pokemon, which is also the reason we are playing two copies, Zamazenta V by itself can win tons of games. If the opponent is not playing Phoebe or Path to the Peak, their VMAX Pokemon will be doing nothing! As a sweet bonus, Zamazenta V can also knock off special energies, which are very popular in today's meta.


If a Pokemon eventually gets knocked out in this deck, we can also rely on Raihan. This card allows us to get any card we want from the deck and accelerate basic energy. That means you can get another Zacian V rolling in no time. Raihan + Metal Saucer + attach of the turn!

The thing you want to be doing most of the time is using Intrepid Sword on turn one and then Boss's Ordersonto a basic V Pokemon (or 2 shooting a VMAX). If that basic V Pokemon has a Cape of Toughness or Big Charm, you just knock it off with Tool Scrapper.

The Mew really helps to never brick. It can fetch you a PokéGear 3.0 to find a supporter or to find a Rotom Phone to put whatever you want on top of the deck so you can draw it out with Oranguru. There is also a 1-off Scoop Up net in there to pick up a Mew when they want to snipe it.

Also, there are no Coating Metal energies in this decklist. Even if you would play them, the Victini VMAX deck plays a lot of Fan of Waves, so it wouldn't even help. And the more basic metal energies you have, the better Intrepid Sword becomes!

Zacian V decklist

Pokémon (11)

Trainers (37)

Energy (12)

1x Oranguru SSH 1484x Metal Saucer SSH 17012x Metal Energy Energy 8
1x Crobat V DAA 1823x Cape of Toughness DAA 160
4x Zacian V SSH 1381x Tool Scrapper RCL 168
2x Zamazenta V PR-SW 191x Raihan EVS 152
3x Mew CEL 113x Rotom Phone CPA 64

3x Boss's Orders RCL 154

4x Quick Ball SSH 179

2x Air Balloon SSH 156

4x Professor's Research CEL 23

3x Crystal Cave EVS 144

2x Marnie SSH 169

3x Switch SSH 183

1x Scoop Up Net RCL 165

3x Pokégear 3.0 UNB 182




Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX
Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX
Sylveon VMAX
Leafeon VMAX


Suicune V
Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX/Umbreon VMAX


Jolteon VMAX
Dragapult VMAX

Almost unwinnable

Victini VMAX

As you can see the deck is quite balanced with the same amount of favorable matchups as unfavorable matchups.

The strategy is mostly the same with you either leading off with Mew or Zacian V, to of course get an Intrepid Sword off on turn 1 and start swinging by turn 2.

Decks like Ice Rider and Shadow Rider are easy because of the fact that they can't OHKO you early game. Also, you hit weakness against Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX and Alcremie VMAX which helps a ton. So you're faster and uptrade on VMAX Pokemon.

Sylveon VMAX might be a tricky one because they do run Blaziken VMAX. Either they whiff turn 1 Blaziken V and you're able to set up and KO them or they get out Blaziken VMAX and wall off with Zamazenta V. Because Blaziken V, Urshifu V, and Sylveon V are not really powerful attackers for Zamazenta V and you also smack off their special energies.

If you go first against a Leafeon V deck, you are most likely KO'ing their V Pokemon before they evolve. Also with Cape of Toughness and having Resistance to Grass we survive the attacks of Leafeon VMAX and Inteleon QuickShooting is not too much of a problem with Crystal Cave. Also if you do see a bunch of Inteleons, be sure to not over bench your Mews.

Suicune V is quite even depending on if we are quick enough. They can attack on turn one going second with Melony and that can be quite a problem. Sometimes Ludicolo pushes them to the OHKO even though we have Cape of Toughness. In or case we use Tool Scrapper to get rid of their Cape of Toughness. Again here, don't slap more than 1 Mew down because of the Quick Shooting ability.

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX is doable with the help of Zamazenta V and the healing aspect of Crystal Cave. Zacian V can put up pressure going first too.

Single Strike Box aka Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and Umbreon VMAX is a super-close matchup. Seeing as Single Strike Urshifu VMAX can hit through anything, making Zamazenta V useless. It all comes down to speed here. If the Single Strike deck starts getting out a lot of Houdours on turn 1 it can be an uphill battle. You will need to 2 Shot a VMAX, 1 Shot a V, and a Houndoom to win this match.

Jolteon VMAX and Dragapult VMAX are a bit of the same story. I know we have Zamazenta V but the problem here is Path to the Peak. These kinds of pokemon online decks play 4 Path to the Peak and 4 Marnie. So they will slow you down a ton! It's not unwinnable but depends on how well you draw of a Marnie under Path to the Peak. May luck be on your side for this one. Luckily we do have a Mew in the opening turns to make sure we at least find a PokéGear 3.0 when we get Marnie'd.

Decidueye is simply an autoloss. We don't run Aegislash V so there's no way to attack it. In my opinion, the popularity of Decidueye is not that high to justify an include of Aegislash V. Also with Fusion Strike coming and Mew VMAX being able to go through Decidueye's Deep Forest Camo, I don't think Decidueye will survive.

Lastly Victini VMAX. What can we say here? They hit us for weakness and OHKO all V pokemon instantly with Max Victory. Here you want to go first. Set up a Zacian V and KO the Victini V before it's able to evolve. Then you can maybe donk them. If that doesn't happen, it'll be rough with Path to the Peak and Crushing Hammers.


And that's the run-through of my preferred way to play Zacian V right now. I really love how consistent the deck has become with the Mew from Celebrations. You have so many fantastic turn 1s that this deck looks like a solid choice to bring to the meta. If you want to see the deck in action be sure to hop over to my YouTube channel and see why this is a busted Pokemon TCG deck in today's format! If you’re looking for any PTCGO codes to build this deck on PTCGO, be sure to pick up some PTCGL codes right here. PoTown store offers PTCGO codes at a very competitive price and ensures instant delivery of your PTCGL codes directly to your email. Thank you for reading this blog post, keep an eye open on PoTown Store for more articles like this one!