With the release of the Pokemon TCG’s newest expansion, Vivid Voltage, we now have a whole new onslaught of archetypes to face off against. While we aren’t quite sure which ones will rise to the top, the community is starting to gravitate towards a few choice favourites – namely Coalossal VMAX, Orbeetle VMAX, and a surprise guest at the table – Whimsicott. This cotton candy fluffball has rose onto the scene as being the most constent, aggressive 1-Prize attacker in format: this floofer packs a PUNCH. A 250 damage punch, to be exact! Being able to consecutively stream these massive attacks against the opponent is what makes the deck so strong – since we’re just a frail Stage 1 Pokemon, we’ll need to setup many many many of these guys. However, our deck is engineered to spawn as many attackers as needed, so we’re in luck! Generally speaking, I enjoy playing this deck more than most other 1-Prizer decks because of how turbo it is, and just how fool-proof your board can become in the late game. For any Expanded players or long-time veterans of the game, this deck feels very comparable to the late Vespiqueen, except instead of waiting until the end of the game to do high damage amounts with Bee Revenge, we can get there as quickly as the second turn! Without further ado, let’s jump into the article! Let’s talk about one of my favourite new decks, Whimsicott!



Whimsicott’s strength lies mainly in the fact that it is a 1-Prize attacker that can do a steep amount of damage very quickly. This deck feels very glass-cannony, so it is vital to setup as many of our attacker as we possibly can. In most matchups, we require at least 2 Whimsicott/Cottonee on the field at all times in order to ensure a consistent stream of attacks. If we fail to do this, the opponent will begin to mount a favourable board position; this is one of the few downfalls of being a 90 HP Stage 1 Pokemon: you have to wait a turn to evolve. With that being said, Whimsicott is mostly so fast because of its high damage cap, and low amount of energy required to use attacks.
Flying Fury is often the only attack we’ll announce all game, and is based around us discarding Tool cards off of our Pokemon in order to buff our damage. This is a solid attack for just one energy because we can discard up to 6 tools, which means that we can control our damage output to fit how much HP our opponent’s active has. This attack has very strong synergy with U-Turn Board, which goes back to our hand if it is ever discarded from play. Due to the unique attack Whimsicott has, we can include many niche Pokemon Tool cards that most other decks can’t include due to space restrictions. Some of these cool Tool cards include Island Challenge Amulet (to safeguard our GX/EX Pokemon), Lucky Egg (for hand replenishing), U-Turn Board and Air Balloon (playing 6 Tool cards that reduce our retreat cost allow us a high level of mobility that is more so than other decks).
The remainder of our Pokemon in the list help us to establish our board and retain it for the rest of the game. Much like Baby Blacephalon, we are able to stay afloat throughout the entirety of the game with support Pokemon such as Dedenne-GX, Eldegoss V, Amazing Jirachi, Oranguru, and most importantly Oricorio-GX! Let’s take a peek at the list so you can have a better idea of how our list is structured to take on all threats.

Deck List

Pokémon (19)

Trainers (35)

Energy (6)

1x Oranguru4x Marnie 2x Psychic Energy
1x Hoopa 2x Boss's Orders4x Horror Energy
4x Cottonee 2x Pokémon Communication
1x Heracross 4x Lucky Egg
1x Eldegoss V3x Island Challenge Amulet
1x Dedenne-GX4x Great Ball
3x Jirachi4x Professor's Research
1x Mew4x U-Turn Board
1x Oricorio-GX4x Quick Ball
4x Whimsicott2x Air Balloon
1x Phione2x Ordinary Rod

Key Cards

Whimsicott Psyhic-type
4-4 Whimsicott – This is our main attacker, and we need as many out in a game as we can possibly setup until we draw all of our Prize Cards! We’ve maximized our line for full consistency, and to ensure that we don’t prize many pieces of our line. One thing I’d like to point out about Whimsicott is that it has free retreat – while it’s important to note that we will more than always send up a Jirachi, Whimsicott can function as a secondary pivot when necessary. Simultaneously, it’s Psychic-type allows it to take down big threats like Mewtwo and Mew Tag Team very easily! Psychic-type is an awesome type right now in the game, and proves to be very relevant right now. If only Whimsicott were Fairy-type, it would be able to OHKO an ADP, while simultaneously being able to utilize niche tools such as Fairy Charm. I detailed a lot about this card in the strategy section above, but those are just some fun hints about Whimsicott that have proven to be relevant in today’s format!

1 HoopaHoopa serves as a Basic attacker that can hit decent numbers in order to finish off highly-damaged Pokemon. For some, since it’s a Basic Pokemon, it can be surprising to see a Hoopa come from out of nowhere after an opponent KOs all of our Cottonee/Whimsicott; this is precisely one of the reasons we have included Hoopa. It is a Basic attacker that can hit for one energy, and can do enough damage to finish off the job! That’s it. It also can do a hefty chunk of damage against Dragapults, which while they aren’t common can cause trouble for our low-HP deck.

1 Heracross – While this card has been noted as an ADP counter for a long time, it wasn’t effective due to modern lists being able to spawn 2 Zacian V’s after an Altered Creation and ultimately just steal the game. Now, we’re able to utilize Whimsicott after shuffling in the opponent’s ADP to KO back-to-back Zacian’s, which leaves our opponent attackerless for a turn. This is how our 1-Prize deck can safely take down an ADP without even sweating it, and brings the matchup closer to a 50-50. The reason why Heracross wasn’t as popular before is because the single Prize Card attackers it was paired with weren’t able to OHKO a Zacian in a single hit.

3 Jirachi – Amazing Rare Jirachi is one of the best cards to be printed in Vivid Voltage, so why not include a few of them to add additional consistency to the deck? Since our opponent will have to KO many Whimsicott in a game in order to draw all 6 of their Prize Cards, we’ll need a pivot of choice that can add value to our deck. Jirachi fits that position just swimmingly! This card will ensure that we hit the cards we need when we want it, and add an element of safety when our opponent plays Marnie/Reset Stamp. Hand disruption cards often hurt our deck in the early game since our hand will typically have a few copies of U-Turn Board at all times. Jirachi will aid us in finding those U-Turn Boards all over again, and again, and again until we win the game!

1 Mew – This is a safety card against Pokemon that are able to target the bench. Namely Pikarom with that pesky Tag Bolt attack, however there are others such as Cramorant V’s Spit Shot. Our Pokemon on the bench have low HP, so we must protect them at all costs! Psypower can also help finish off some Pokemon.

1 Oranguru – We use Oranguru for its Primate Wisdom ability, which can preserve valuable late-game cards such as Ordinary Rod, Pokemon Tools we couldn’t attach at the moment, or Boss’ Orders. It also helps us to preserve resources right before the opponent play’s Marnie on us.

1 Phione – Oftentimes Whimsicott can OHKO anything that isn’t a VMAX, so Phione can often net us free Prize Cards when faced with high HP Pokemon. This card is great for creating checkmate scenarios in the late game by forcing up GXs, Vs, and other Pokemon. In the early game, it can sometimes gust up key Pokemon on the bench!

Oricorio GX
1 Oricorio-GX – This is one of the best safety net cards against Reset Stamp and Marnie. The opponent will have to KO so many Whimsicott to win a game, so we can effectively get up to 5 uses of Oricorio’s ability (that means we get an additional 15 cards to draw throughout the game)! More importantly, we can draw those cards after a crucial Marnie or Stamp to low card amounts in order to draw back into our U-Turn Boards that got shuffled away. Oricorio-GX can also become a 1-Prizer when it has an Island Amulet attached, which is another reason why it’s so strong in this deck – we can force our opponent to effectively draw one Prize Card at a time!

Boss's orders
2 Boss’ Orders – We don’t play a heavy Boss count unlike most decks in the format because we have such a high damage output. Since you 2HKO all VMAXs, and pretty much OHKO all other Pokemon, gusting up benched Pokemon isn’t really key. Phione doubles also as an “infinite” Boss/gusting effect because of its Whirpool Suction ability.

U-Turn Board
4 U-Turn Board – This is what makes the deck tick. This card is a recyclable Pokemon Tool that will always spawn back into our hand after being discarded by Whimsicott. It also makes almost all of our Pokemon have free retreat!

Island Challenge Amulet
3 Island Challenge Amulet – Amulet is a key card in our deck that not only supplies a Pokemon Tool for Whimsicott’s attack, but also ensures that all of our GX/EX Pokemon in deck are worth only a single Prize Card. This prolongs the game so long that it pretty much ensures most games will last at least 7 turns. Since we can get 6 attacks off in that time (minimum), we’re almost always able to force a positive Prize Trade for our Whimsicott deck.


Whimsicott is arguably one of the most fun decks Standard has seen in some time, and I strongly urge you to pickup some PTCGO codes in order to build it! It is moderately inexpensive to build, and has some serious value to it right now in the format. Go and get some Pokemon online codes, and enjoy playing!