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Temporal Forces 50x - PTCGL Codes Bulk
Temporal Forces 50x - PTCGL Codes Bulk

Temporal Forces 50x - PTCGL Codes Bulk

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Temporal Forces (50x Booster Pack Codes)

Note: Each Booster Code gives you 6 random cards from this incredible set.

The PTCG Live game limits the number of codes that can be redeemed per account. There's a 400 pack limit you can redeem from any particular set (booster pack codes). Any additional codes you redeem give you Coins instead of booster packs.
We suggest that you keep track of the number of codes you have already redeemed before purchasing additional ones.
You can only redeem 10 codes at a time before having to click the redeem button. Be wary of how many codes you input at once or you can get an error.

When you buy Pokemon TCG Live codes in bulk, it brings the price per code slightly lower. The more codes you buy, the more you save. You can always buy codes in smaller amounts through this link. Bulk deals allow you to buy online Pokemon TCG code cards in large quantities and save more money in the process.

The clash between Future and Past Paradox Pokémon continues with the release of Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces. The battle is led by the two new Legendary trios. Walking Wake ex, Raging Bolt ex and Gouging Fire ex once roamed the Ancient Past. While, Iron Leaves ex, Iron Boulder ex and Iron Crown ex rule the Distant Future. Who will come out on top?

The latest Pokémon Trading Card Game set features over 200 cards including the awaited return of ACE SPEC cards, 13 new Pokémon ex, 2 new Tera Pokémon ex, 32 Illustration rare Pokémon and Supporters and a whooping 6 rare gold etched cards! With this set, we get new key cards for existing decks, such as Prime Catcher ACE SPEC for aggressive decks like Roaring Moon ex, Lost Box and Giratina VSTAR. Gradevoir ex gets access to the new ACE SPEC energy, Neo Upper Energy. Control Decks such as Snorlax Stall get access to Eri, a new supporter that allows you to look at your opponent’s hand and discard 2 item cards, getting rid of all their switching options. Charizard ex also gets a buff with Maximum Belt ACE SPEC, bumping its damage to 230 points without having your opponent take a single Prize card! A lot of decks gain consistency with Buddy-Buddy Poffin, a new item card that allows you to look for two basic Pokémon with 70HP or less. Grab your Comfey, Ralts, Frigibax, Charmander. You name it! And to top it all, Lugia VSTAR is back with the aid of one of the strongest one-prize attackers in the format, the mighty Cinccino, which does 70x damage for every special energy attached to it. It’s probably one of the only one-prizers that can easily KO a full HP Charizard ex!

Not only do we get updates for existing decks, but we get a bunch new decks to play with. Gouging Fire ex can make use of Magma Basin to quickly charge up energy to attack. If you pair it up with Entei V you can make a consistent and fiery deck. Torterra ex can make a fun new grass Pokémon deck. Use Grotle from Brilliant Stars to quickly search for Grass Pokémon from the deck, bench as many as you can and use Forest March to do 30x for each Grass Pokémon you have in play. Or even better, bring back Torterra from BRS and use Evopress to do 50x for each evolution Pokémon you have in play. Choose between taking a hit with Torterra ex’s massive 340HP or take a big KO with the old Torterra! Raging Bolt ex, for many, is the spiritual return of Blacephalon GX from the Sun & Moon era! Its attack, Climatic Descent, allows you to discard as many Basic Energy cards as you want from your Pokémon and do 70x damage for each energy discarded in this way. Meaning you can use a combination of Professor Sada’s Vitality and Sandy Shocks ex from Paradox Rift to load up energy cards in your board to take those huge KOs.

Each Scarlet and Violet: Temporal Forces Pokemon TCG Live code card contains 10 assorted cards that you can use within Pokemon TCG Live. These online code cards contain a random assortment of Pokemon, Trainer, and Energy cards.Each pack contains 1-3 Common cards, 1-3 Uncommon cards, 1-3 Reverse Holo Cards or higher, 1 Holo Rare Card or higher, and a Basic Energy Card. There is a small chance that one of your Common or Uncommon cards can be replaced with a card of a higher rarity. In the Scarlet and Violet block of cards, there are plenty of powerful Pokemon ex to explore. These cards are currently available for play in our current Standard format. Expand your collection by acquiring Scarlet and Violet: Temporal Forces PTCG Live code cards today!

With Temporal Forces Booster Code you can get the following Pokemon Cards in the PTCGL

  • Over 160 cards
  • ACE SPEC cards return: 6 Trainer cards and 1 Special Energy
  • More new Ancient and Future Pokémon
  • More than a dozen brand-new Pokémon ex, including type-shifted Tera Pokémon ex
  • Dozens of Pokémon and Trainer cards with special illustrations