Aloha Trainers! It’s time to rise and embrace our VMAX overlords, as most pokemon online decks seem to be revolving around these high HP Pokemon. Most decks are just exchanging blows with each other, with weakness being the main differentiator between Goliaths. With each meta evolution, there seems to be a new popular deck each week that appears to be doing well. I was sick and tired of losing matches due to weakness and realized that was one of the keys to this format: OHKOs by hitting for weakness. Either that or lack of weakness to the opponent! Both strategies work, however, no matter how skilled you are, your attacker will always have a typing weakness, so your best bet is to get around that by playing a toolbox of various attackers. Sylveon aims to do just that in a very colorful way – it abuses Fighting, Fire and Psychic attackers to leverage hitting for extra damage on the opponent’s Pokemon. Let’s highlight Sylveon VMAX today and chat about why it’s my favorite deck right now!

I booted up my Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app, loaded up some PTCGL codes, and then traded those Pokemon online codes to trade for this deck. I was very excited, and it honestly didn’t take that many PTCGO codes to make the deck. If you’re looking to buy some codes, we sell them here on Potown Store, and I highly urge you to check out our competitive pricing and swift delivery! Let’s talk about the newest way to play Sylveon VMAX!


Sylveon VSylveon VMAX

The main strategy for this deck is a simple one that is inherently powerful: you can use your Sylveon V to help setup your board in the first few turns of the game. Turn one and turn two are based around investing into your board – you’re going to want to get as many different Vs. into play on these turns, prioritizing Remoraid and Sylveon V. Using Capture Energy and Sylveon V’s ability to search out Evolution Incense, you should be able to setup an Octilleryand a Sylveon VMAX. Remember, Octillery can search out ANY Rapid Strike card, which means you can find Rapid Strike Energy out of your deck. From there, just use the attacker that is most applicable against your opponent’s archetype. Are they playing Jolteon VMAX? Hittem’ hard with your RS Urshifu VMAX. Are they playing RS Urshifu VMAX themselves? Runnem’ down with your Sylveon VMAX. Zacian V? Not a problem, smoke them with Blaziken VMAX. The concept is simple: it is a toolbox deck, but one with consistency that can leverage so many board states. Let’s get into the decklist and talk about some key cards afterward.

Deck List

Pokémon (23)

Trainers (27)

Energy (10)

3x Sylveon V EVS 744x Professor's Research SHF 604x Capture Energy RCL 171
3x Sylveon VMAX EVS 753x Marnie CPA 564x Rapid Strike Energy BST 140
2x Rapid Strike Urshifu V BST 873x Boss's Orders SHF 582x Psychic Energy
2x Blaziken V CRE 202x Korrina's Focus BST 128
2x Blaziken VMAX CRE 214x Evolution Incense SSH 163
2x Remoraid BST 364x Quick Ball SSH 179
2x Octillery BST 372x Switch SSH 183
1x Rayquaza V EVS 1102x Fog Crystal CRE 140
1x Rayquaza VMAX EVS 1111x Tool Jammer BST 136
1x Oranguru SSH 1482x Tower of Waters BST 138
1x Crobat V SHF 44

1x Eldegoss V CPA 5

2x Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 88

sylveon vmax decklist

Key Cards

Sylveon VMAX

3-3 Sylveon VMAX – This is the main attacker of our entire deck, and let me tell you something – this card surely POPS OFF. Sylveon VMAX is a 310HP VMAX and is one of the newly released Eeveelution Pokemon from the expansion Evolving Skies. It’s a Rapid Strike Pokemon, which means it can fully abuse Octillery, Rapid Strike Energy, and Tower of Waters. The main strength of this Pokemon is the fact that it is a Psychic-type attacker that is weak to Metal-types and not Dark-type. This unique blend of typing and weakness makes it hit really hard against stuff like RS Urshifu VMAX and not weak to stuff like Galarian Moltres V or perhaps an Eternatus VMAX. Since Sylveon VMAX revolves around how many different types of benched Pokemon you have, we play a rainbow assortment of various Pokemon in this deck to fuel that requirement. Sylveon V itself is an excellent starter with its ability; the ability allows us to end our turn in exchange for searching our deck for any Item card. Along with a Capture Energy, this can solidify a second turn Octillery onto the field (which will inevitably setup our field for the remainder of the game). I love this ability, and it’s one of the main reasons why this deck can consistently setup. Important to note that the V is a searchable card via Fog Crystal.

Blaziken VMAX

2-2 Blaziken VMAX - Blaziken VMAX is another Pokemon that we add to our beatstick army – it’s got a tanky amount of HP, Fire-typing, and most importantly, can abuse Rapid Strike Energy. Blaziken is in this deck for a couple of purposes:
  • It provides a Fire-type Pokemon on our bench so Sylveon VMAX can swing for extra damage
  • It can OHKO Zacians with relative ease among a few other popular Pokemon
  • It can make up for energy attachments you may have missed
These reasons make Blaziken an absolute unit of a Pokemon and a must-play in this deck. You can keep it at a 1-1 line if you’d like, or even a 2-1 line potentially, but I like a 2-2 line because of how consistent you can ensure it will come out. It doesn’t hit super hard since it maxes at 130 damage. However, it can clean up KOs that Sylveon setup, as well as prepare Pokemon to be cleaned up by Sylveon/Urshifu. It’s also searchable via Octillery!

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX

2-2 Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX - RS Urshifu VMAX is a tank to deal with, seeing as it has 330HP for the equivalent of Stage 1! This is fairly high as far as VMAX Pokemon go and puts it out range of some 2HKOs. For one energy, we see an attack similar to that of Golisopod-GX (which was a very good card for the time). Being able to hit 150 damage for single energy is massive, especially against energy denial decks or decks that are very aggressive; low energy attacks mean we can deal with threats very quickly. The second attack, G-Max Rapid Flow, is able to hit two Pokemon for 120 damage! The ability to wipe out two targets at once is amazing and helps us against random single Prize Card Pokemon in a format where their bench is unprotected due to a lack of the Bench Barrier ability. I like RS Urshifu VMAX for its Fighting-typing against Eternatus VMAX as well as Jolteon VMAX. This card has threats against it, however, in a toolbox-style deck, this card fits right in.


2-2 Octillery This is the glue in our deck! It can search out anything from an Urshifu V to a Korrina’s Focus, or perhaps even that Rapid Strike Energy. Octillery is something that isn’t vital in order for our deck to function but is one of the main reasons that this RS toolbox deck is so powerful. This card can help us to balance out the likes of Marnie and ensures that we don’t whiff certain cards at detrimental times. Being a Stage 1 isn’t ideal however we do have Evolution Incense in order to search it out. I like to get this card out by using Sylveon V’s ability to search for an Evolution Incense after using Capture Energy to find a Remoraid. This almost ensures a turn-two attack every single game. Fun fact: Octillery can search out any of our VMAX attackers (as well as their basic) from our deck!

Rayquaza VMAX

1-1 Rayquaza VMAXRayquaza VMAX is a Dragon-type Pokemon that we can’t attack with even if we wanted to! However, we play it to boost Sylveon VMAX’s attack damage and it also has a great ability that can help us setup. It can also help prove us against a bad Marnie or something like that.


1 Oranguru – Oranguru is another consistent Pokemon that helps aid our deck against a bad Marnie. It serves the same purpose as Rayquaza as it helps Sylveon boost its overall attack damage.

Eldegoss V

1 Eldegoss V – This Pokemon serves the same purpose as Oranguru and Rayquaza – noticing a pattern here? Boosts damage for Sylveon VMAX while also supplying value for the deck by retrieving Supporter cards.

Crobat V

1 Crobat V Darkness Ascent is a necessary consistency crutch because it can be searched via Quick Ball. Crobat V is Darkness-type, meaning it boosts damage for Sylveon VMAX.

2 Korrina’s Focus – This is a searchable Supporter via Octillery’s ability. I’m loving the second copy in this deck as you don’t want to prize it, or discard it early and not have access to it later on!

2 Tower of Waters – This card on paper doesn’t seem too amazing, but in practice, it has been one of the most important cards in my opinion! Having a Stadium card that offers mobility is vital to our strategy. Tower of Waters is searchable via Octillery at any point in the game and can help us alternate between many of our VMAX attackers.

2 Fog Crystal – An absolutely clutch card that finds its way into new lists of Sylveon. Fog Crystal gives you more outs to Energy Cards and Sylveon V, both of which this deck needs very desperately! A consistency card that is flexible is a strong inclusion in any Sylveon deck.

4 Evolution Incense – We play so many freaking VMAXs in this deck this just seems like an auto-inclusion. There’s currently no such thing as Pokemon Communication in the standard format, so this is the golden standard for searching out evolutions.

4 Rapid Strike Energy – The bread and butter of this deck! An excellent addition to our new archetype, it makes streaming attacks very simple. It’s searchable via Octillery and re-attachable via Blaziken VMAX’s attack.

4 Capture Energy – A consistency crutch that we utilize to search out our plethora of toolbox-style attackers. It’s important that we draw into these at any point of the game because they can search out our necessary attacker for that given point in the game. Capture Energy can also ensure that Remoraid hits the field turn one, meaning we will setup a Sylveon VMAX for the second turn.


This deck is one of the new kids on the block, however, with the right amount of innovation and correct meta timing, this deck could easily win a tournament. If you like Pokemon online decks that hit for weakness and can react to anything throw in its path, then I highly urge you to try out this deck. This deck requires some new stuff from Evolving Skies, so you should check out our shop for your PTCGL code needs. I’d suggest nabbing some PTCGO codes and building this deck online because this deck will only get stronger as more Rapid Strike cards are released. Until next time, have fun!

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