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Silver Tempest Build & Battle Box - PTCGO Codes
Silver Tempest Build & Battle Box - PTCGO Codes

Silver Tempest Build & Battle Box - PTCGO Codes

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Feature: YPD-YK7N-Y6P-KHN
Note: The codes are redeemable in PTCGO or TCG Live. In TCG Live you may get different cards or a different number of cards.
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Silver Tempest Build & Battle Box Pokemon TCG Code

Dive to the ocean depths to answer the legendary call of Pokemon TCGs newest set, Silver Tempest, a set featuring many powerful Pokemon. Each Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield era set contains four unique pre-release promo cards and Lost Origin isn’t any different! Each of these promo cards features never-before-seen art for cards that are regularly available in Silver Tempest. Rapidash [Silver Tempest] brings the heat with its Heat Boost Ability that allows you to power up the attacks of your other Fire type Pokemon by discarding a Fire Energy! Is that enough to make the new Charizard VMAX [Sword and Shield Promo] powerful enough to tackle the metagame? Only time will tell! Other featured promos are Archeops [Silver Tempest], Sunflora [Silver Tempest], and Kirlia [Silver Tempest]. These cards have unique arts and these versions aren’t available in Silver Tempest booster packs (other art versions are available). Pick up these prerelease code cards to enhance your Pokemon TCG Live collection and get ultra-fast automatic email delivery after the confirmation of your purchase. All of these cards will be awesome additions for both players and collectors alike - pick them up today!

With each Sword and Shield Silver Tempest Build & Battle Box, you get the following Pokemon Cards in the Online Pokemon TCG Live Game:

  • 1 of the 4 promo cards with a signature Silver Tempest stamp
  • Several other playable cards
Note : This code does NOT include any PTCG Live Booster Packs

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