The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Online program will be removed from the App Store, Google Play, and ahead to the global launch of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Live, which is now playable in beta by people all over the world on iOS and Android devices, PCs, and Macs. The Pokemon Support website will soon post the precise schedule.

FAQ Regarding Pokemon TCG Online's Sunset

When will the Pokemon TCG Online be discontinued?

The Pokemon TCG Online app will no longer be hosted on the App Store, Google Play, and, and the game servers will be shut down prior to the global release of Pokemon TCG Live. Soon, specific dates will be made public. Players can presently access the game's beta version on desktops, Macs, iOS, and Android devices.

The Pokemon TCG Online will continue to function throughout the Pokemon TCG Live beta, but no new Pokemon TCG merchandise, cards, or deck accessories will be introduced after March 1, 2023. With this upgrade, it will be possible to make Pokemon TCG Live even better by allocating more resources to it. The Pokemon TCG Online will continue to offer Versus Ladder reward tracks (using things that existed in-game before March 1, 2023) and bug repairs, as necessary, despite the lack of new material.

The complete list of 2023 Pokemon TCG products that can be found in the Pokemon TCG Online is as follows:

1. The Paldea Collection, which includes Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, as well as the Knock Out Collection with Galarian Slowking, Galarian Obstagoon, and Dragapult, and an Enhanced 2-Pack Blister with Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, will be released on January 6, 2023.

2. The Crown Zenith Collection including Regieleki V and Regidrago V, Elite Trainer Boxes, Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Boxes, Crown Zenith Booster Packs, and Play! Pokemon Prize Pack: Series 2 will all be released on January 19, 2023.

3. The Crown Zenith Special Collection, which includes the Pikachu VMAX, Lucario VSTAR, and Kleavor VSTAR, will be released on February 16, 2023.

After March 1st, would it still be possible to redeem codes in the Pokemon TCG Online?

Before March 1, 2023, Pokemon codes from compatible products in the Pokemon TCG Online will still be used until the site is shut down. PTCG xodes from goods that weren't supported prior to this date, on the other hand, will only be redeemable in Pokemon TCG Live.

How can I participate in the Pokemon TCG Live testing phase?

Mobile users can download the beta from the App Store and Google Play. The software can be downloaded via the Pokemon TCG Live website for Windows PC and macOS users. Players will have access to cross-platform gaming while the beta testing is ongoing.

A player of Pokemon TCG Online has the option of easily transferring their account and game data to Pokemon TCG Live, or they can choose to participate in the Pokemon TCG Live beta without giving up access to the Pokemon TCG Online app. Please be aware that once your Pokemon TCG Online collection has been transferred to Pokemon TCG Live, you will no longer be able to access Pokemon TCG Online.

When Pokemon TCG Live's official version is released, will the changes I made in the beta version still be available?

Your Pokemon TCG Live collection information and any advancement made during the beta stage will be carried over to the finished product when the game is released worldwide.

Is playing Pokemon TCG Online before the sunset date possible for me?

Prior to the full launch of the latter, those who decide not to switch their Pokemon TCG Online collection to Pokemon TCG Live during the beta period can continue to use the former until the app is no longer accessible on the App Store, Google Play, and In the near future, we will provide further details on the exact timeline.

Do the TCG code cards I have that bear the branding of Pokemon TCG Live function in Pokemon TCG Online?

Prior to March 1st, 2023, goods that were already compatible with the Pokemon TCG Online can be used to redeem cards with the Pokemon TCG Live insignia until the Pokemon TCG Online is no longer supported. The Pokemon TCG Live is the only place where things that were not supported by the online version of the game before March 1, 2023, can be used.

Can code cards from the Pokemon TCG Online be used with the Pokemon TCG Live?

In either the Pokemon TCG Online or Pokemon TCG Live code cards can only be used once. People can transfer items from the PTCGO to PTCGL when they first log in to the new game. The information that follows gives more information on the cards that can be transferred from Pokemon TCG Online to Pokemon TCG Live.

Exist any procedures for transferring a PTCG Online account to a PTCG Live account?

A person can sign in to either the Pokemon TCG Online or the Pokemon TCG Live using the same Pokemon Trainer Club account service. All collection data associated with that account from the Pokemon TCG Online will be transferred to the Pokemon TCG Live upon first login in.

PTCGO users will have the option to put off moving their collection after the Pokemon TCG Live beta is over. For the duration of the beta or until they decide to move the collection before the beta is over, they will be able to use the same Pokemon Trainer Club account to access both programs. A player's improvements in Pokemon TCG Live during the test will not be reflected in their play in Pokemon TCG Online.

When starting the collection transfer procedure, it's crucial to consider the current cards in a player's Pokemon TCG Live collection. For instance, the transfer restriction for Zacian V (Sword & Shield, 138/202) will be one instead of four if a player possesses three copies of the card in their Pokemon TCG Live collection.

How long would it take for me to move from Pokemon TCG Online to Pokemon TCG Live?

There is currently no deadline by which players of Pokemon TCG Online must move their accounts to Pokemon TCG Live. Users will be made aware of any changes in advance.

Can child's account be connected to Pokemon TCG Live?

The Pokemon TCG Live app has been added to the Pokemon Trainer Club's list of approved apps as of February 16, 2022. You must log in before turning the "allowed" button to the right so that your child can use this app.

Can all the information from my Pokemon Trading Card Game Online account be moved? How are my cards doing?

Players will be able to transfer the following items from their Pokemon TCG Online account to Pokemon TCG Live:

  1. Cards from the Sun & Moon Series and the Sword & Shield Series will be playable and transferable when Pokemon TCG Live debuts. Cards from the XY Series and the Black & White Series can be transferred at launch, however they can only be played after further upgrades. Four copies of a special Pokemon TCG code card, one ACE SPEC, Prism Star, or Pokemon Star, one piece of a Pokemon V-UNION card, and 59 copies of a standard Energy card can all be transferred by players (excluding non-foil basic Energy cards without a collector number or expansion icon). Anything in excess of these restrictions won't be transferred.

  2. Accessories: Only one of each of the following will be permitted for transfer: coins, card sleeves, and deck boxes. These materials will not be transferred in any other copies.

The following materials cannot be transferred from PTCGO to Pokemon TCG Live:

  • Pokemon Trading Card Game cards HeartGold & SoulSilver series
  • Items from the Avatar universe and unopened Avatar Collection Boxes
  • Unopened products and bundles
  • Identified deck boxes, card sleeves, and coins
  • In-game currency, including Trainer Tokens and Event Tickets
  • Friends
  • Saved deck lists (Although the deck lists won't be transferred automatically, users can copy the text of the deck lists and store it locally before pasting it into Pokemon TCG Live's Deck Editor. It's crucial to keep in mind that this procedure must be completed before beginning the transition from Pokemon TCG Online to Pokemon TCG Live.)

Players who have not yet opened their products or bundles will not be able to transfer them, but they will still receive Crystals in Pokemon TCG Live in an amount equal to the number of unopened things they now possess. These Crystals can then be used in the Pokemon TCG Live in-game store to buy booster packs, promotional cards, and exclusive bundles.

  • In Pokemon TCG Live, between 1 and 9 unopened Pokemon TCG Online goods produce 500 Crystals.
  • 10 to 24 unused items will net you 1,100 Crystals.
  • 25 to 49 unused items will net you 2,250 Crystals.
  • 50 to 124 unopened items will net you 4,700 Crystals.
  • 125+ unopened items will net you 12,400 Crystals.

Those who don't want their unopened products and bundles to become Crystals during the beta of Pokemon TCG Live should open them in Pokemon TCG Online first before transferring their collection to Pokemon TCG Live.

Are there any things or packages that, when I receive Crystals, won't be counted since they haven't been opened yet?

Any unopened items are not included in this total:

  • Booster packs and theme decks from the HeartGold & SoulSilver, HS — Unleashed, HS — Unflinching, HS — Triumphant, and Call of Legends Expansions
  • Reward Chests
  • Avatar Collection boxes

Can transfers of non-tradeable items be made to Pokemon TCG Live?

In fact, the transition procedure takes into account the entire combination of a collection's present locked-in and openly tradable copies of an item. When a user migrates their collection to Pokemon TCG Live, this includes all of the cards, add-ons, and unopened boxes and sets in their Pokemon TCG Online collection.

What will happen to the code cards I have in addition to the four I can transfer?

Code cards that exceed the stated restrictions won't be transferred to Pokemon TCG Live, and players won't receive Credits for these ineligible cards.

  • Four copies of unique Pokemon TCG card
  • One copy of ACE SPEC, Prism Star, or Pokemon Star card
  • One copy of each Pokemon V-UNION card
  • 59 copies of a basic Energy cards (excludes non-foil basic Energy cards without a collector number or expansion icon)

Is the production of a parallel foil and alternate-art variant of a card considered the production of two distinct cards? These variations would they be transferable?

Cards with parallel-foil or alternate-art variations are categorically thought to be different from their standard edition. A card with numerous versions will each have a separate transfer limit that is not shared with any of the other variations.

How do specialized additions like Celebrations and Detective Pikachu come into the picture?

In Pokemon TCG Live, you can transfer and utilize cards from the Detective Pikachu expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. With the exception of the Classic Collection cards, which can only be transferred but are not playable at launch and will require future game updates in order to be utilized in Pokemon TCG Live, the majority of the cards from the Celebrations expansion share this trait.

What about the Happy Meal cards from McDonald's that were a part of a marketing campaign?

Since they are not accessible through Pokemon TCG Online, it is not possible to transfer Pokemon TCG code cards from the McDonald's Happy Meal campaign to PTCG Live.

When playing PTCGL, is it possible to redeem codes for cards that bear the branding of the PTCGO?

While it is possible that the rewards that are unlocked in Pokemon TCG Online via the code cards will be different from those in Pokemon TCG Live, the code cards that come with Pokemon TCG products can be utilized in Pokemon TCG Live.

What steps do I need to take to move my deck of cards from the Pokemon TCG Online to the Pokemon TCG Live system?

Use the procedures below to import your Pokemon TCG Online card collection:

  • Before migrating your PTCGO account to Pokemon TCG Live, go into the Deck Manager in the Pokemon TCG Online.
  • Select a deck, then select the "View Deck" icon.
  • Select "Export Deck" to copy the deck list to your clipboard, then paste the deck list into a Word document or other text-based file.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each deck list you wish to transfer to PTCGL.
  • Log out of the Pokemon TCG Online, then log in to Pokemon TCG Live to migrate your account.
  • Complete the in-game tutorial.
  • Go into the Deck Editor in PTCG Live.
  • Copy a deck list from your saved Word document or other text-based file.
  • Select the "Create a Deck" icon, then select "Import Deck."
  • You will receive a notification once successfully uploaded.
  • Repeat steps 8, 9, and 10 until you’ve imported all of your deck lists.

Your deck list will still be imported but won't be playable if it contains cards that aren't allowed in Pokemon TCG Live. It is significant to remember that with some upcoming upgrades, cards from the XY and Black & White Series will be playable in the game and able to be transferred.

Is it feasible for me to participate in both the Team Challenge Season 4 competition and the Pokemon TCG Live beta?

If they want to participate in Team Challenge-Season 4, Pokemon TCG Live beta participants and Team Challenge participants shouldn't choose the option to transfer their Pokemon Online collection to Pokemon Live. All players will keep any rewards, cards, or items they earn in Pokemon TCG Live during the beta since they will be added to their current winnings when they ultimately move their Pokemon TCG Online collection.