Pokémon - 17

Trainers - 32

Energy - 11

4x Mewtwo/Mew GX 71UNM4x Welder8x Basic Fire
4x Dedenne GX 57UNB4x Cherish Ball3x Basic Psychic
1x Solgaleo GX SM1044x Mysterious Treasure
1x Charizard GX 9H4x Custom Catcher
1x Magcargo GX 44CES3x Acro Bike
1x Espeon/Deoxys GX 72UNM3x Pokegear 3.0
1x Latios GX 76UNM3x Switch
1x Naganadel GX 160UNM2x Reset Stamp
1x Jirachi GX 79UNM1x Energy Recycle System
1x Mewtwo 75UNB3x Giant Hearth
1x Marshadow 81UNB1x Viridian Forest

About deck list

Mewtwo & MewThe reigning 2019 World Champion deck in Mewtwo/Mew GX has proven itself again and again throughout every tournament in the United States and EU, that it is the most powerful deck in the standard format. This deck’s main focus is to copy many powerful Pokémon GX’s attacks from the bench, or in the discard pile. You reach the energy costs for these powerful attacks by using the energy acceleration supporter card Welder, which allows you to attach up to 2 fire energy from your hand to your Mewtwo/Mew GX, while also getting to draw 3 cards! Using Welder multiple times a game to set up your Mewtwo/Mew GX allows the deck to consistently use a huge array of situational GX attackers that, without the power of Mewtwo/Mew GX’s ability, would never exist in the same deck together. You get these powerful GX Pokemon either into the discard, or onto your bench with powerful search cards in Mysterious Treasure and Cherish Ball. You can then discard these Pokémon by discarding your entire hand with Dedenne GX, or by discarding one of the GX Pokémon with your stadium cards, Giant Hearth and Viridian Forest, to help you find the energy you need to either power up a Mewtwo/Mew GX with Welder, or attach the right energy card you need from your hand. With the physic power Mewtwo/Mew GX brings to the standard format, you come prepared for any deck your opponent brings to the table!