Pokémon - 11

Trainers - 40

Energy - 9

3x Naganadel & Guzzlord GX CEC3x Cynthia & Caitlyn4x Basic Psychic
4x Misdreavus UNB3x Bill’s Analysis4x Basic Dark
4x Mismagius UNB3x Lt. Surge’s Strategy1x Beast Energy Prism Star

2x Mallow & Lana

1x Ultra Forest Kartenvoy

4x Order Pad

4x Dusk Stone

4x Mysterious Treasure

4x Tag Call

4x Beast Ring

3x Great Catcher

2x Reset Stamp

2x Beast Bringer

1x Energy Recycler

About deck list

Guzzlord & Naganadel-GXWhen this deck was featured on stream round one of LAIC at the hands of Danny Altavilla, the Pokemon community was introduced to one of the most unexpected decks to come out of Cosmic Eclipse, Naganadel & Guzzlord GX. What makes this deck so special is it’s ability to win in 3 attacks against opposing Tag Team GX decks, as well as be able to attack with Jet Pierce as fast as turn one. The main strategy this deck follows is to try and use two Mismagius as fast as possible thanks to cards like Dusk Stone which immediately allows you to search for it, and then evolve in the same turn. You use Misamgius’s Mysterious Message ability to drop a prize card to your opponent, as well as refill your hand. You want to do that twice as then it turns on your only way to accelerate energy in Beast Ring. Against an opposing Tag Team, you can two shot them with Jet Pierce and when you knock them out, you take 4 prizes because of the Ultra Beast tool card Beast Bringer. When you get to 4 prizes, Naganadel & Guzzlord GX has a fantastic GX attack which allows you to take 2 prize cards, which in combination of knocking out a Tag Team with a Beast Bringer, wins you the game. The deck has a lot of niche win conditions that we haven’t really seen yet in the Pokemon TCG, and the Pokemon community is excited as ever to see how well this unexpected deck can perform at all levels of competition.