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Burning Shadows - Pokemon TCG Codes
Burning Shadows - Pokemon TCG Codes

Burning Shadows - Pokemon TCG Codes

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Sun & Moon Burning Shadows

Note: Each Booster Code gives you 5 random cards from this incredible set.

The PTCG Live game limits the number of codes that can be redeemed per account. There's a 400 pack limit you can redeem from any particular set (booster pack codes). Any additional codes you redeem give you Coins instead of booster packs.

We suggest that you keep track of the number of codes you have already redeemed before purchasing additional ones. 

You can only redeem 10 codes at a time before having to click the redeem button. Be wary of how many codes you input at once or you can get an error.

Burning Shadows retains a lot of value because of the rainbow rare Charizard-GX. If you are looking for a good collector’s card or are trying to pull for value, Burning Shadows is good for both your needs! Rainbow Rare Charizard-GX, Tapu Fini GX, Necrozma GX and many more! Find your PTCGL Codes!

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  • Rescue Stretcher BUS 165
  • Escape Rope BUS 163
  • Choice Band BUS 162
  • Gardevoir GX BUS 159
  • Marshadow GX BUS 156
  • Charizard GX BUS 150
  • Wicke BUS 147
  • Plumeria BUS 145
  • Guzma BUS 143
  • Kiawe BUS 144
  • Acerola BUS 142
  • Vileplume BUS 6
  • Raichu BUS 41
  • Seviper BUS 50
  • Golisopod GX BUS 148

With Pokemon Burning Shadows Pokemon TCG Codes You can get the Following

  • Over 140 Pokemon cards
  • 12 new Pokémon-GX
  • 6 new full-art Supporter cards featuring important human characters

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