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50x Break Point - Bulk Pokemon TCGL Codes
50x Break Point - Bulk Pokemon TCGL Codes

50x Break Point - Bulk Pokemon TCGL Codes

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BreakPoint XY (50x Booster Pack Codes)

Note: Each Booster Code gives you 5 random cards from this incredible set.

The PTCG Live game limits the number of codes that can be redeemed per account. There's a 400 pack limit you can redeem from any particular set (booster pack codes). Any additional codes you redeem give you Coins instead of booster packs.

We suggest that you keep track of the number of codes you have already redeemed before purchasing additional ones. 

You can only redeem 10 codes at a time before having to click the redeem button. Be wary of how many codes you input at once or you can get an error.

When you buy in bulk, it brings the Per Code price slightly lower! The more you buy, more you Save !
You can always buy codes in smaller amounts trough this Link.

Popular cards
  • Skyla BKP 122
  • Ho-Oh EX BKP 121
  • Darkrai EX BKP 118
  • Espeon EX BKP 117
  • Manaphy BKP 116
  • Splash Energy BKP 113
  • Max Elixir BKP 102
  • Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99
  • Meganium BKP 3
  • Frogadier BKP 39
  • Greninja BKP 40
  • Greninja BREAK BKP 41
  • Garbodor BKP 57
  • Phantump BKP 64
  • Trevenant BREAK BKP 66
  • Raticate BREAK BKP 89

With Pokemon XY BreakPoint Codes You can get the Following cards in PTCGL

  • Over 120 cards
  • 5 new Pokémon BREAK featuring a recently introduced game mechanic
  • 11 new Pokémon-EX, including 2 Mega Evolution Pokémon

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