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Battle Academy - PTCGL Code
Battle Academy - PTCGL Code

Battle Academy - PTCGL Code

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Feature: 2645
Feature: Q9W-KRDL-TM9-2MW
You'll receive the Pokemon Codes via E-mail instantly after purchase. Sometimes e-mail with Pokemon Codes is delivered into spam or folder! If you have any issues with Pokemon Codes, please contact us at: [email protected]
The PTCG Live game limits the number of codes that can be redeemed per account. There's a 4 code limit you can redeem. Any additional codes you redeem give you Credits. 

We recommend choosing codes in a standard format for immediate playability. If you opt for a deck from the expanded format, you may receive just one promo card instead of 60 cards.

We suggest that you keep track of the number of codes you have already redeemed before purchasing additional ones.
You can only redeem 10 codes at a time before having to click the redeem button. Be wary of how many codes you input at once or you can get an error.

Battle Academy Collection

The Pokémon PTCGO Code: Battle Academy Collection is a family TCG Code that comes with plenty of Pokémon cards, energies and even deck boxes for style! 

With Battle Academy Collection Codes You will get the Following cards in PTCG Live

  • 1x Silver Ice Charizard & Pikachu & Mewtwo Coin
  • 1x Charizard-GX Deck Box
  • 1x Mewtwo-GX Deck Box
  • 1x Raichu-GX Deck Box
  • 3X Blitzle (Lost Thunder LOT 81)
  • 2x Zebstrika (Team Up TEU 45)
  • 4x Pikachu (Hidden Fates HIF 19)
  • 1x Raichu-GX (Hidden Fates HIF 20)
  • 2x Alolan Raichu (Sun & Moon Promos SM65)
  • 2x Kangaskhan (Dragon Majesty DRM 55)
  • 1x Mesprit (Unified Minds UNM 84)
  • 4x Charmander (Burning Shadows BUS 18)
  • 3x Charmeleon (Hidden Fates HIF )
  • 1x Charizard-GX (Hidden Fates HIF 9)
  • 1x Charizard (D gon Majesty DRM 3)
  • 5x Eevee (Hidden Fates HIF 49)
  • 2x Espeon (Lost Thunder LOT 89)
  • 2x Flareon (Sun & Moon Promos SM186)
  • 1x Moltres (Lost Thunder LOT 38)
  • 2x Chansey (Hidden Fates HIF 46)
  • 3x Electabuzz (Ultra Prism UPR 43)
  • 2x Electivire (Burning Shadows BUS 43)
  • 2x Snorlax (Hidden Fates HIF 50)
  • 2x Tauros (Unified Minds UNM 164)
  • 2x Mew (Hidden Fates HIF 32)
  • 2x Cresselia (Unified Minds UNM 87)
  • 4x Mareanie (Lost Thunder LOT 105)
  • 3x Toxapex (Unified Minds UNM 97)
  • 3X Salandit (Ultra Prism UPR 25)
  • 3x Salazzle (Unified Minds UNM 34)
  • 1x Mewtwo-GX (Hidden Fates HIF 31)
  • 1x Electropower (Lost Thunder LOT 172)
  • 6x Potion (Sun & Moon SUM 127)
  • 3x Pokemon Catcher (Sun & Moon SUM 126)
  • 6x Switch (Sun & Moon SUM 132)
  • 12X Great Ball (Sun & Moon SUM 119)
  • 10x Bug Catcher (Unified Minds UNM 189)
  • 2x Pokemon Fan Club (Ultra Prism UPR 133)
  • 1x Welder (Unbroken Bonds UNB 189)
  • 10x Cynthia (Ultra Prism UPR 119)
  • 12x Hau (Sun & Moon SUM 120)
  • 18x Fire Energy (Sun & Moon Energy)
  • 18x Lightning Energy (Sun & Moon Energy)
  • 18x Psychic Energy (Sun & Moon Energy)