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PoTownStore presents first automatic PTCGO code redeemer!

Note: This APP works only on Windows, for APP to work, you need Google Chrome installed on your PC.

You can claim up to 100 PTCGO codes everyday without Copy and Pasting One by One.
Use our APP and redeem all PTCGO codes automatically with a few easy steps. It is COMPLETELY FREE for all our customers!


How to use PoTownStore code redeemer? Follow a few easy steps below.

Note: This APP works only on Windows, for APP to work, you need Google Chrome installed on your PC.


Step 1:


Download the RAR file, extract it and open the extracted folder. Run the PoTownStore Code Redeemer as you can see on the picture below.
PTCGO codes redeemer

Step 2:


Click on Activate, to activate PTCGO code redeemer.
Activate PTCGO code redeemer

Step 3:


Type in the password, which you have received in your order e-mail.
Password for PTCGO code redeemer

Step 4:


Login to your account via browser that opens up automatically when running the APP and click on Sign In button.
Login PTCGO code redeemer

Step 5:


Make sure, you do not click anything on this page! Do NOT run Captcha or anything else! Everything is done automatically for you.
PTCGO code redeemer

Step 6:


Copy the codes from your order e-mail and paste them to the window as shown below.
PTCGO code redeemer

There is a COPY CODES button in the e-mail that you received codes on. Simply use the combination of keys on your keyboard Control + V to paste them into redeemer APP to the field Codes To Redeem.
Paste PTCGO codes

Step 7:


After you paste in your codes, just click on Start button and wait approximately 2-3 minutes for Captcha to fill automatically.
PTCGO code redeemer

Step 8:


Once Captcha fills itself, it will look like the picture below. It will work automatically.
PTCGO code redeemer

Step 9:


If you follow all the steps above, this is what the results will look like and you will now have all these codes claimed inside the game!


If you have any issues, message us anytime. We are always here for you! Enjoy!