A Legend Has Awakened!

Arceus VSTAR

What’s poppin’ Po Town readers? It’s ya boy Zach and I’m here with an article to get you hyped for the newest Pokemon TCG set, Brilliant Stars! At the time of writing, Brilliant Stars is still about two weeks out from its English release, but I’ve been building decks with proxy cards to test a bunch of the new decks! In this article, I’ll share my favorite decks from my testing and let you know how they work! As you can probably tell from the title, all of these cards will feature Arceus VSTAR [Brilliant Stars] which is the best card from Brilliant Stars. Considering each of these decks features this new card, it has to be good right? Lemme run you through my reasons:

  1. Arceus V [Brilliant Stars] can accelerate Energy to your Pokemon V in any way you like for a single Double Turbo Energy [Brilliant Stars] attachment
  2. Arceus VSTAR is a powerful attacking Pokemon that can 2HKO Pokemon VMAX and OHKO Pokemon V as a two Prize Card Pokemon
  3. Arceus VSTAR allows you to charge ahead early game or change tempo midgame by accelerating Energy to your Pokemon
  4. Its VSTAR Ability can allow you to get out of dead hands, take the lead mid-game, or steal wins
  5. Arceus VSTAR works in multiple decks due to its Colorless typing

With Arceus VSTAR adding layers of skill and consistency to the game, you can see why many decks are adding it to their core! When the set drops on PTCGO / PTCG Live, be sure to pick up some Brilliant Stars PTCGO codes from the PoTown store to help build these decks! Let’s check out this article!

Raichu V / Arceus VSTAR Deck

Raichu V

Raichu V [Brilliant Stars] pairs nicely with Arceus VSTAR because you can gain extra Energy in play to discharge for huge OHKO potentials with Raichu V’s second attack. This deck gives me Blacephalon-GX (Lost Thunder) vibes because the 60x per discard is really similar to the 60x per Lost Zone of Mind Blown. Considering Blacephalon-GX turned me into a Regional Champion, I feel like Raichu V has to be good at the very least. Flaaffy [Evolving Skies] allows this deck to become even more explosive by giving Raichu V even more Energy to play around with. Let’s check out this list!

Pokémon (16)

Trainers (30)

Energy (14)

2x Arceus V BST4x Marnie PR-SW 12112x Lightning Energy EVS 235
2x Arceus VSTAR BST2x Level Ball BST 1812x Double Turbo Energy BST
1x Crobat V PR-SW 1102x Switch SUM 160
4x Mareep EVS 544x Professor's Research CEL 24
4x Flaaffy FST 2804x Ultra Ball SUM 161
3x Raichu V BST3x Boss's Orders RCL 189

2x Choice Belt BST

3x Stormy Mountains EVS 232

4x Quick Ball SSH 216

2x Air Balloon SSH 213

arceus v / raichu V decklist

Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX / Arceus VSTAR Deck

Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX

Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX [Chilling Reign] has been a successful deck ever since it was released in Chilling Reign, but Arceus VSTAR adds a needed partner to this deck! Similar to other decks on this list, Arceus VSTAR functions as a solid way to accelerate Energy, but this deck seems to abuse its VSTAR Ability even more! Having the option to search for any two cards has been game-breaking for Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX because Max Lance got a huge boost with Choice Belt [Brilliant Stars]. Being able to OHKO opposing Arceus VSTAR with Max Lance is huge and you can OHKO most Pokemon VMAX with Max Lance + Choice Belt + two Inteleon [Chilling Reign] Quick Shooting pings. I can’t directly put my finger on it, but this deck speaks to me - it’s a deck that I love! Check out the list and maybe you can see why! Credit for this list goes to Jesse Parker (@JessePrker].

Pokémon (20)

Trainers (31)

Energy (9)

2x Arceus V BSR2x Marnie PR-SW 1217x Water Energy CRE 231
2x Arceus VSTAR BSR4x Level Ball BST 1812x Double Turbo Energy BSR
3x Ice Rider Calyrex V CRE 1642x Evolution Incense SSH 163
4x Sobble CRE 411x Fan of Waves CRE 226
4x Drizzile SHF 992x Professor's Research CEL 24
1x Inteleon SHF 1001x Escape Rope BUS 163
2x Inteleon EVS 2272x Ultra Ball SUM 161
2x Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX CRE 2032x Boss's Orders RCL 189

2x Choice Belt BSR

4x Quick Ball SSH 216

2x Path to the Peak CRE 148

2x Capacious Bucket RCL 156

1x Air Balloon SSH 213

4x Melony CRE 195

ice rider calyrex VMAX / Arceus VSTAR decklist

Gengar VMAX / Arceus VSTAR Deck

Gengar VMAX

If you’ve been following me on Twitter [@ZachLesagePTCG] you might have seen me sharing countless iterations of my Gengar VMAX [Fusion Strike] deck! I love Gengar VMAX as a Pokemon and I’ve won a few community PTCGO events on the Play Limitless website with it. I’ve always felt like Gengar VMAX was slightly inconsistent and that it struggled with damage output. Now that Arceus VSTAR allows this deck to search out anything with its VSTAR Ability, Gengar VMAX can have gigantic turns! Pairing it with Choice Belt allows OHKOs to come out of nowhere, the inclusion of Basic Energy allows this deck to have more outs against Duraludon VMAX [Evolving Skies], and Starbirth allows this deck to truly be consistent. Let’s check out my list!

Pokémon (17)

Trainers (31)

Energy (12)

2x Arceus V BSR3x Marnie PR-SW 1212x Hiding {D} Energy DAA 175
2x Arceus VSTAR BSR1x Air Balloon SSH 2134x Single Strike Energy BST 183
1x Crobat V PR-SW 1102x Switch SUM 1604x Darkness Energy EVS 236
3x Gengar V FST 1564x Professor's Research CEL 242x Double Turbo Energy BSR
3x Houndour BST 953x Boss's Orders RCL 189
3x Houndoom BST 1791x Karen's Conviction CRE
3x Gengar VMAX FST 2712x Choice Belt BSR

4x Ultra Ball SUM 161

4x Quick Ball SSH 216

3x Urn of Vitality CRE 229

2x Path to the Peak CRE 148

2x Tower of Darkness BST 137

Gengar VMAX / Arceus VSTAR decklist

Buy List


While everyone is invited to pick up the cards they like, the following cards are currently on my early buy list for Brilliant Stars. Feel free to use my list as a guide to help yourself navigate this set. Some cards might not be included here due to the uncertainty of them being included in our English set. Let’s check it out:

Must Haves


4x Floatzel 029/100 S94x Grotle 007/100 S9
2x Lumineon V 030/100 S94x Shaymin V 012/100 S9
2x Manaphy 031/100 S94x Shaymin VSTAR 013/100 S9
4x Bibarel 082/100 S94x Charizard V 017/172 BST
4x Arceus V 122/172 BST3x Charizard VSTAR 018/172 BST
4x Minccino 085/100 S94x Moltres 021/172 BST
4x Ultra Ball 089/100 S94x Infernape 021/100 S9
4x Choice Belt 090/100 S94x Raichu V 034/100 S9
4x Cheren's Care 134/172 BST4x Pachirisu 040/100 S9
4x Professor's Research 095/100 S92x Dusknoir 047/100 S9
4x Roseanne's Backup 096/100 S94x Whimsicott V 049/100 S9
4x Boss's Orders 097/100 S93x Whimsicott VSTAR 050/100 S9
4x Collapsed Stadium 098/100 S94x Lucario 055/100 S9
4x Magma Basin 144/172 BST2x Muk 061/100 S9
4x Double Turbo Energy 151/172 BST2x Weavile 063/100 S9
4x Entei V 056/414 S14x Honchkrow V 064/100 S9
4x Raikou V 137/414 S12x Flygon V 072/100 S9
4x Liepard 272/414 S12x Farfetch'd 076/100 S9
4x Team Yell's Cheer 388/414 S11x Tornadus 087/199 S9

4x Kindler 143/172 BST

4x Cynthia's Ambition 093/100 S9

4x Simisear V 063/414 S1

4x Kingler V 080/414 S1

3x Kingler VMAX 081/414 S1

2x Zamazenta V 313/414 S1

4x Marnie's Pride 408/414 S1

Time to Test!

Professor's Research

I hope that these Pokemon online decks have helped get you hyped about Brilliant Stars and the decks that are created from this set! I’ve been fascinated by building as many Standard Pokemon TCG decks as possible and I’ve been testing games at home to get prepared for the upcoming return to official play. During this time I’ll share everything that I find out here for our community to help everyone on their journey! Start testing these decks and I’ll catch up with all of y’all later!

About the Writer

Zach Lesage is a contributing writer for the PoTown store. As a Toronto local, he has been playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game since 2005 and creates Pokemon content as his full time career. As Zach Lesage PTCG, he creates YouTube content, streams on Twitch, and provides hot takes on his Twitter. With multiple prestigious accomplishments in the game, such as the 2020 Players Cup 2 Champion and the 2020 Oceania International Championships Finalist, he has proven his success in the game. Outside of the game, he travels the world, enjoys the culture of designer streetwear, and is a professionally trained chef. You can catch him at most Pokemon events and follow him on Twitter @ZachLesagePTCG.