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Speaking of Limitless Online Tournaments, there was a very recent ChillTCG Invitational event that took the best performing players throughout the ChillTCG regular season and pitted them against each other in a very prestigious face-off! One of the most interesting Pokemon online decks that made Top 4 includes Angel Aranibar’s Spiritomb deck, which I believe is the best Single-Prizer in the format. It hits key Pokemon such as Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX for weakness and can trade efficiently with most other VMAXs and Tag Teams. It is also wildly consistent and has niche cards included in its skeleton decklist; these niche card inclusions, such as heavy counts of Escape Rope, can give us uniquely positive matchups and outs to situations that would normally seem helpless. Let’s hop into the strategy and list!

I booted up my Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app, loaded up some PTCGO codes, and then traded those Pokemon online codes to trade for this deck. I was very excited, and it honestly didn’t take that many PTCGO codes to make the deck. If you’re looking to buy some codes, we sell them here on Potown Store, and I highly urge you to check out our competitive pricing and swift delivery! Let’s talk about Spiritomb today.



The main strategy of this deck is entirely focussed around the Stadium card, Spikemuth. This card allows us to place damage counters on our own Pokemon whenever we move them from the active spot to the bench. This is beneficial for our main attacker, Spiritomb, who can do additional damage per each damage counter placed upon itself. Alongside Cape of Toughness, Spiritomb can have a maximum of 110HP, which means it can hold 10 damage counters on it (100 damage). Our deck plays many ways to pivot our Pokemon in and out of the active position and is entirely based on making our Pokemon as mobile as possible. Here are a few tips for the best way to play this deck:

  1. Try your best to only attack with Spiritomb when you are getting a KO. Each Spiritomb can do large amounts of damage, so there shouldn’t be a need to attack if you aren’t getting a KO. This rule, however, doesn’t apply to VMAX Pokemon, where we are typically unable to take an OHKO.
  2. Don’t discardSpikemuth unless you are sure that the opponent doesn’t play a counter Stadium. If you don’t have any Spikemuth left, it could spell your doom towards the end of the game.
  3. Sequence correctly. UseJirachi in combination with deck-thinning cards (e.g., Level Ball, Quick Ball, etc.) to make your chances of using Stellar Wish to find a Spikemuth as high as possible. Spikemuth is needed to kick off your whole strategy, so it’s vital to find it early.
  4. Get as many Spiritomb into play as possible! The more, the merrier, as having more damage in play is better.
  5. If your opponent is playing Inteleon from Chilling Reign, try not to leave your Spiritombs in play with <20HP. They become sitting ducks that can be picked off with snipe damage. Try to KO the Inteleons as quickly as possible!

Deck List

Pokémon (14)

Trainers (39)

Energy (7)

4x Spiritomb UNB 1124x Professor's Research SHF 604x Hiding Darkness Energy DAA 175
3x Jirachi TEU 993x Bird Keeper DAA 1593x Darkness Energy 7
1x Hoopa UNM 1402x Boss's Orders SHF 58
1x Dedenne-GX UNB 574x Quick Ball SSH 179
1x Jynx UNM 764x Escape Rope BST 125
1x Marshadow UNB 814x Scoop Up Net RCL 165
1x Mew UNB 764x Switch SSH 183
1x Mewtwo UNB 754x Level Ball BST 129
1x Oricorio-GX CEC 952x Ordinary Rod SSH 171

4x Cape of Toughness DAA 160

4x Spikemuth DAA 170

Spiritomb decklist

Key TCG Cards


4 Spiritomb - This beast is the main attacker in our deck and really packs a punch for having such a low HP. 60HP is the base for our Dark-type protagonist, but it is typically boosted +50HP with Cape of Toughness. That being said, our Spiritombs often carry damage on themselves due to the Building Spite ability they all possess. Being able to place damage on oneself is a very weird ability, but it makes sense when you read Spiritomb’s attack, Anguish Cry. Anguish Cry reads that it does additional damage for each damage counter on Spiritomb, which can be easily abused via Spikemuth and switching cards. One retreat cost, as well as no weakness, means our Pokemon is a pretty good base for a really cool deck. Spiritomb wouldn’t be as good if it weren’t for its unique engine, so let’s take a peek at the other cards that make this deck tick.


3 Jirachi – One of our optimal starters, Stellar Wish, is an ability that helps us to find Spikemuth and other useful stuff in the early game. If we sequence well enough in the late game, we can almost guarantee drawing certain cards because our deck is often so low. We can reuse Jirachi via a combination of Switch, Escape Rope, Bird Keeper, and Scoop Up Net to search for the most valuable card in our deck, Spikemuth.


1 Hoopa - A very efficient attacker that can help soften up VMAX Pokemon for a 2HKO. It can also put in work against Shadow Rider Calyrex decks.


1 Jynx - Being able to move damage counters is a unique ability, and its synergies perfectly with Spiritomb. Hence, we play one copy, but this could honestly be two copies in the future. One of my favorite things to do with this Jynx is to move damage counters with the ability and then play Scoop Up Net to reuse the ability once again. This can catch many opponents off guard because they often don’t think about reusing Jynx.


1 Mew - This is mainly to help against Rapid Strike Urshifu. Otherwise, our opponent could take so many Prize Cards in such a short amount of time. It can also be good to help soften up KOs on certain Pokemon.


1 Marshadow– This is pretty much exclusively used for removing Chaotic Swell from play – can also be useful for removing Path to the Peak. If Chaotic Swell is in play, it can really put a stick in the wheels, considering how important it is for us to have Spikemuth in play at all times.


1 Mewtwo– This card can net us back a Bird Keeper to power a future attacker or retrieve back a game-winning Boss’ Orders. Pro Tip: if you predict your opponent will use Marnie next turn, use Mewtwo’s Mind Report ability to stack a Supporter on top of your deck. Scoop Up Net can also be combined with this Mewtwo to give us an additional four copies of Bird Keeper or four copies of Boss’ Orders! If you need to use the Supporter that Mind Report just put on top of your deck, use Jirachi’s Stellar Wish to put it into your hand (all within the same turn).

Oricorio Gx

1 Oricorio-GX – This GX Pokemon is optimal at setting up insurance against our opponent going “Reset Stamp + KO”. Oftentimes, our opponent’s only chance of winning against our deck is to KO our active attacker and then disrupt our hand, but having Oricorio on the bench aids us in bouncing back into the game and taking a return KO.

4 Spikemuth - The basis of our deck, which we will abuse to put damage onto our own Pokemon.

3 Bird Keeper - A draw Supporter that can also provide a switching effect to trigger Spikemuth.

4 Scoop Up Net/4 Switch/4 Escape Rope – These cards are in the deck so that we can abuse damage placements onto our Spiritomb via Spikemuth. The more we can move our active Pokemon to the bench, the more damage placements occur. For example, if we play a single copy of Switch, we will place 2 damage counters onto Spiritomb. However, if you play a Switch, retreat, play Escape Rope, and then use Bird Keeper all within the same turn, you will have placed 8 damage counters on your Pokemon (some of which can be focussed onto a singular Pokemon - ideally Spiritomb).

Escape Rope is very nice in this deck because it can occasionally gust up specific threats on our opponent’s bench and knock them out. It can also stand up certain Pokemon and stall them for a turn if the opponent cannot remove them from the active spot.

Scoop Up Net is uniquely great in this deck because it can help us abuse Jirachi’s Stellar Wish ability to find Spikemuth very fast. We can also use Scoop Up Net to reuse Mewtwo’s ability, or perhaps even Jxyn’s ability. These switching-style cards will also give us the mobility we need to ensure our Pokemon can always attack early on.

2 Ordinary Rod - Our Pokemon only give up a single Prize Card against most matchups, so we need two Ordinary Rod in this deck to recycle both attackers as well as energy cards. We run through many attackers in the course of a game, so this is the only count that makes sense. Sometimes we also need Ordinary Rod to recycle 1-of inclusions in our decks, such as Mew or Jynx.

4 Hiding Energy - A Special Energy card that allows your Spiritomb to have a free retreat. This ties in well with Spikemuth and supplies more switching-outs.

3 Dark Energy - These are important to recycle with Ordinary Rod to ensure you can get attacks off, and also is essential to get around Shadow Rider Calyrex V’s attack Shadow Mist.


This Pokemon online deck is an old dog with new tricks. However, with the right amount of innovation and correct meta-timing, this deck could easily win a tournament. If you like flexibility each turn and the ability to play out highly skillful turn-to-turn actions, then I highly urge you to try out this deck. This deck requires no new stuff from Chilling Reign, so you should check out our shop for your PTCGO code needs for older sets. I’d suggest nabbing some PTCGO codes and building this Pokemon online deck because this deck will only get stronger as more damage counter placing cards are released. Until next time, have fun!

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