Pokémon - 18

Trainers - 24

Energy - 18

4x Jirachi TEU4x Welder18x Basic Fire
3x Dedenne UNB4x Pokemon Communication
2x Vulpix TEU4x Switch
2x Ninetales TEU3x Cherish Ball
1x Ditto Prism Star LOT2x Escape Board
1x Zebstrika LOT1x Fiery Flint
1x Reshiram & Charizard GX UNB1x Pal Pad
1x Mega Lopunny & Jigglypuff GX CEC1x Stealthy Hood
1x Heatran GX UNM3x Giant Hearth
1x Turtonator DRM1x Heat Factory
1x Victini Prism Star DRM

About deck list

Reshiram & Charizard GXThe fast and aggressive fire box deck in Ability Zard deck made a huge comeback at LAIC, and even ended up winning the event at the hands of one of the top players in the game, Robin Schulz. This deck relies on the popular Welder supporter card engine which is so stranger to the Pokemon TCG to set up its many different fire energy attackers that require quite a lot of energy in order to attack. If you can use Welder consistently, the Ability Zard deck can hit some of the biggest numbers in the game even as fast as turn 2! Once you have your attackers established, this deck also has access to Ninetales which can consistently bring up any Pokemon on your opponent’s bench at the cost of discarding two fire energy. This deck aims to take as many big knockouts as possible will constantly pressuring your opponents board at all points during the match. During the end of the game when you’ve gone through a lot of fire energy, Victini Prism Star can do a lot of damage and reset all of those used fire energies back into the deck to help close out the game. If you like decks that are fast and super aggressive, Ability Zard is the best deck for that and you’ll have a lot of fun playing it too!