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Steam Siege - Pokemon TCG Codes
Steam Siege - Pokemon TCG Codes

Steam Siege - Pokemon TCG Codes

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XY Steam Siege

Steam Siege: In the 11th set in the XY series, Steam Siege took on a new type of Pokemon card. This happened to be Dual Type Pokemon. Some Pokemon such as Volcanion EX were both Fire, and Water type which was something we haven’t seen in the XY series yet.

The most relevant cards in this set include: Yanmega, Yanmega BREAK, Talonflame BREAK, Volcanion, Volcanion EX, Hoopa, Weavile, Bisharp, Yveltal, Yveltal BREAK, Cobalion, Magearna EX, Mega Gardevoir EX, Klefki, Xerneas, Xerneas BREAK, Talonflame, Captivating Poke Puff, Ninja Boy, Pokemon Ranger, Special Charge, Full Art Professor Sycamore

Popular cards
  • Volcanion EX STS 115
  • Professor sycamore STS 114
  • Pokemon ranger STS 113
  • Ninja boy STS 103
  • Special charge STS 105
  • Captivating pokepuff STS 99
  • Volcanion STS 25
  • Bisharp STS 64
  • Xerneas STS 81
  • Magearna EX STS 110
  • Klefki STS 80
  • Talonflame STS 96
  • Yveltal STS 65
  • Xerneas BREAK STS 82
  • Gardevoir EX STS 116
  • M Gardevoir EX STS 112

With Pokemon XY Steam Siege Codes You can get the Following cards in PTCGO

  • Over 110 cards
  • 8 new dual-type Pokémon
  • 6 new Pokémon-EX, including two Mega Evolution Pokémon
  • 7 new Pokémon BREAK

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