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Furious Fists - PTCGO Code

Furious Fists - PTCGO Code

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XY Furious Fists

Furious Fists: In the third set of the already impressive XY set, this set’s main focus is on the powerful fighting type Pokemon featured in the XY generation. This set packs quite a punch with one of the best EX cards ever printed in Seismitoad EX being featured in this set! 

The most relevant cards from this set include: Seismitoad EX, Lucario EX, Hawlucha, Energy Switch, Focus Sash, Korrina, Sparkling Robe, Strong Energy

With Pokemon XY Furious Fists Codes You can get the Following cards in PTCGO ~

  • More than 100 Cards
  • Huge number of Fighting-type Pokémon
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