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Plasma Storm - PTCGO Code

Plasma Storm - PTCGO Code

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Black & White Plasma Storm

Plasma Storm: The eighth set in the Black and White era includes a lot of great Plasma influenced Pokemon as well as some stellar cards still good in today’s expanded format.

The most relevant cards in this set include: Black Kyurem, Lugia EX, Bicycle, Colress, Full Art Colress, Escape Rope, Hypnotoxic Laser, Virbank City Gym, Dowsing Machine Ace Spec, Scramble Switch Ace Spec, Secret Rare Random Receiver

With Pokemon Plasma Storm Codes You can get the Following cards in PTCGO ~

  • Brand-new Team Plasma cards
  • 14 Trainer cards, including three powerful, never-before-seen ACE SPEC cards with unique game-mechanic and card design
  • Eight more Pokémon-EX cards and four full-art Pokémon-EX rare Ultra cards
  • More than 130 cards in all
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