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Dragons Exalted - Pokemon TCG Codes
Dragons Exalted - Pokemon TCG Codes

Dragons Exalted - Pokemon TCG Codes

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Note: The codes are redeemable in PTCGO or PTCGL. In TCG Live you may get different cards or a different number of cards.
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Black & White Dragons Exalted

Dragons Exalted: The 6th set in the Black and White series featured more on the Dragon type Pokemon, as well as a couple more powerful cards still relevant in today’s expanded format.

The most relevant cards in this set include: Ho-Oh EX, Mew EX, Rayquaza EX, Rescue Scarf, Tool Scrapper, Blend Energy GFPD & WLFM

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Popular cards
  • Rayquaza DRX 128
  • Krookodile DRX 127
  • Mew EX DRX 120
  • Ho-oh EX DRX 119
  • Rayquaza EX DRX 123
  • Blend energy gfpd DRX 117
  • Blend energy wlfm DRX 118
  • Tool Scrapper DRX 116
  • Devolution spray DRX 113
  • Ninetales DRX 19
  • Milotic DRX 28
  • Garbodor DRX 54
  • Sigilyph DRX 52
  • Gabite DRX 89
  • Garchomp DRX 90
  • Yanmega DRX 5

With Pokemon Dragons Exalted Codes You can get the Following cards in PTCGO

  • Brand-new Dragon-type Pokemon
  • Two versions of six more Pokémon-EX cards, including full-art Rare Ultra cards
  • More than 120 cards, including more Pokémon from outside the Unova region

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