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151 - Scarlet & Violet - PTCGL Code
151 - Scarlet & Violet - PTCGL Code

151 - Scarlet & Violet - PTCGL Code

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151 - Scarlet & Violet

Note: Each Booster Code gives you 6 random cards from this incredible set.

The PTCG Live game limits the number of codes that can be redeemed per account. There's a 400 pack limit you can redeem from any particular set (booster pack codes). Any additional codes you redeem give you Coins instead of booster packs.
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Journey all the way back to Kanto, back to the original 151 Pokemon, and feel the nostalgia with Pokemon TCG’s set, Scarlet and Violet: Pokemon 151. This special release mini-set features many iconic Pokemon, like Charizard and Blastoise, and familiar Trainers, like Erika and Giovanni, that were popularized in the 90’s. One of the most anticipated cards from the set, Charizard ex [Pokemon 151], heats up the competition with its Brave Wing attack! Accelerate some Energy to it with Magma Basin [Brilliant Stars], and hit for a whopping 160 damage for a single Energy. Explosive Vortex is an absolute powerhouse swinging for 330 damage - that is enough to OHKO almost any Pokemon in our Standard format. Battle it out with Pokemon ex versions of the other original starter Pokemon by crafting decks around Blastoise ex [Pokemon 151] and Venusaur ex [Pokemon 151] too!

Most of the powerful cards in the game end up being Trainer cards, and Pokemon 151 certainly stays true to that statement. Giovanni’s Charisma [Pokemon 151] gives you the option to set your opponent back a turn by removing an Energy from their Active Pokemon, and you get to accelerate an Energy to your Active Pokemon too! Whether you are using it to jump back into a game or just need a little more breathing room, Giovanni’s Charisma will certainly be a feared card in the Pokemon TCG metagame. Other powerful Trainer Cards in this set include Erika’s Invitation [Pokemon 151], Daisy’s Help [Pokemon 151], and Safety Goggles [Pokemon 151].

What would a Pokemon TCG set be without a bunch of beautiful cards to admire? Collectors will rejoice with the release of Scarlet and Violet: Pokemon 151 because there are Illustration Rare Arts of the iconic 151 Pokemon. That means you have a special rarity of Charmander [Pokemon 151], Pikachu [Pokemon 151], Charizard ex [Pokemon 151], and more! On top of that, there is a Special Illustration Rarity of Erika’s Invitation [Pokemon 151] that is absolutely stunning.

With the nostalgia factor turned up to the absolute maximum when it comes to this set, you’ll definitely want to pick up Scarlet and Violet: Pokemon 151 Pokemon TCG Live codes ASAP!

By buying Pokemon 151 PTCG Live codes, you can possibly acquire the following cards: Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, Blastoise ex, Pikachu, Ninetales ex, Wigglytuff ex, VIleplume, Meowth, Alakazam ex, Golem ex, Gengar, Kangaskhan ex, Chansey, Starmie, Jynx ex, Gyarados, Ditto, Eevee, Zapdos ex, Dragonite, Mewtwo, Mew ex, Erika’s Invitation, Giovanni’s Charisma, Illustration Rare Charmander, Illustration Rare Squirtle, Illustration Rare Bulbasaur, Full Art Charizard ex, Full Art Blastoise ex, Full Art Venusaur ex, and more!

Each Pokemon 151 Pokemon TCG Live code card contains 6 assorted cards that you can use within Pokemon TCG Live. These online code cards contain a random assortment of Pokemon, Trainer, and Energy cards.Each pack contains 1-3 Common cards, 1-3 Uncommon cards, 1 Reverse Holo Card or higher, and 1 Rare Card or higher. There is a small chance that one of your Common or Uncommon cards can be replaced with a card of a higher rarity. In the Scarlet and Violet block of cards, there are plenty of powerful Pokemon ex to explore. These cards are currently available for play in our current Standard format. Expand your collection by acquiring Pokemon 151 PTCG Live code cards today!

With 151 - Scarlet & Violet Booster Code you can get the following Pokemon Cards in the PTCGL
  • Over 160 cards
  • 12 Pokémon ex
  • All 151 Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region—in Pokédex order
  • More than 10 Trainer cards
  • 16 illustration rare and seven special illustration rare Pokémon and Supporter cards
  • 16 ultra rare full-art etched Pokémon and Supporter cards
  • 3 hyper rare gold etched cards